Styling couch cushions is easy with this collection of cushions from the Koala range, which are sitting on a sofa with a Koala throw
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How to mix and match pillows on a sofa like a pro

Do you ever get stuck trying to style your couch cushions? Do you find it hard to match patterns and prints? If you’ve said yes to these two questions, then join the club because getting the right cushion for your sofa or couch — and we’re not being dramatic here — is a truly universal conundrum.

Finding a cushion for a sofa is usually either a quick fix or a long game. You either pop over to your nearest furniture store and buy the first thing that catches your eye, or you spend hours pondering colours, textures, fabrics and zippers to find the pillow or cushion that matches your beloved Koala sofa to a tee. It’s a journey.

We spoke with Bella Vie principal interior designer Lisa Alward to get her pearls of wisdom on how to mix and match pillows on a sofa.

How to style cushions on a sofa

When it comes to lounge cushions and knowing how to arrange cushions on a couch, there are an infinite number of sizes, styles, prints and patterns to choose from. An infinite number of choices might scare some people, but we say bring it on!

“The easiest styling tip with cushions is to go for symmetry,” says Lisa. “Opt for two plain cushions, two big patterned cushions and two smaller pattern cushions, and then stick them on each end of the sofa for balance.”

Does it sound like too many cushions? We asked Lisa how many cushions on a couch are too many. Her advice is that if you’re limited on space or don’t like having lots of cushions tossed about on the sofa, having one or two at each end also works a treat. And she reminds us to keep the colours simple.

“Pick a colour that’s going to be replicated — say, in a lamp, a throw or a rug — to really pull the look together. And avoid using too many colours because you want to unify the space.”

How to mix and match pillows on a sofa

When it comes to patterns and prints for your sofa cushions, take your time when choosing. Lisa tells us that a lack of harmony can sometimes show.

“Two midsize prints together might look funny. You need a big print and a smaller print, or a stripe and a bold floral, or patterns.”

Our top tip is to pick a common colour featured in each cushion so that a theme ties everything together. For a modern look, grey couch cushions do a great job of keeping colour palettes neutral to allow the brighter and more patterned pillows to fill up the room. Neutral colours also keep the space from feeling cluttered.

Three Koala sofa cushions sitting against a green background
Whether it’s a pop of colour or neutral tones you need on your sofa, Koala makes a cushion to suit

How big should your cushions be?

When it comes to selecting your sofa cushion covers and inserts, Lisa recommends going big.

“I like to go five centimetres bigger. So, for example, if you have a 50-centimetre cushion cover, go for a 55-centimetre insert.” Lisa says a plumper cushion has a more luxurious feel.

So, are you ready to make your room look and feel like a million bucks just with the size of your cushions? The details always tell the bigger picture, and at Koala, we’re all about the details.

What about the cushions on your bed?

Thought sofa cushions were hard? Styling bed cushions is a whole other ball game.

What you want is a relaxed look in the bedroom, but how you go about achieving it is entirely up to you.

Forget about the formal pillow arrangements and starchy white sheets of yesteryear. When it comes to clean and modern aesthetics, linens are back, baby, and nothing looks better against linen subtle pops of pattern and colour. If you also stick with the rule of symmetry Lisa mentioned earlier, your look will feel natural and lived-in.

“With bed cushions, you could opt for either two square cushions with two smaller ones in front or go for two big square cushions and a small lumbar cushion in front.”

Where to buy Koala cushions

As you can see, we’re much more than just a mattress company. We also solve cushion conundrums.

And our Koala cushion range doesn’t end with sofas and lounges. It also includes chair and sofa cushions to suit every style and every room of the house.

For the beach-house look, you’ll need the Beachside Cushion. For an earthier aesthetic, you can’t go past the Bushwalk Cushion. And for a smack of colour or a modern print, check out our Beach Bum Cushion or our Blotto Cushion.

Super styling

Discover everything you need to give your home a style revamp online at Koala. Whether you’re looking for a great pillow, new bed linen or a gift for a friend, we’ve got you covered. With beds, mattresses, furniture and even Koala homewares, we’ll have your home feeling dressed to the Aussie nines in no time. Shop online today for fuss-free delivery.

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