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How to clean and care for your Koala Sofa

Life can be messy, there’s no way around it. 

As much as you’d like to preserve your brand new Koala Sofa in its pristine, fresh-out-the-box condition, kids, friends, parties, thrills and spills are going to find a way to impact your favourite living room addition. 

Aussie homes have their fair share of daily dust, grime, sweat, and body oils. A cheeky and regular light surface clean will stop those yuckies from becoming a part of the furniture.

Here’s our step by step guide to giving your Koala Sofa a once over.

Step one: Remove cushions and throws

This one shouldn’t require too much explaining, clear your sofa of any clutter and have a good look for any marks or pilling across the fabric. Make sure you wash the pillow covers and throws regularly as they can quickly gather dust and dirt which could seep into the sofa fabric. While you’re here, discover some of our new homewares designs, including cushions, throws and rugs!

Step two: Vacuum

On a weekly basis, we recommend light vacuuming of your Koala Sofa. Take your regular household vacuum and run it over the sofa’s surfaces, make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies too. Be thorough, but try not to scratch any of the fabric.

Step three: Removing lint and pilling

Over time, fabrics rubbing against each other (i.e. your shirt rubbing against the couch) will cause pilling to occur. Pills are the small balls of fibre that form on fabrics due to wear. To counteract this, use a lint roller and/or a fabric shaver to remove and collect excess fabric, cleaning up your sofa’s surface in the process.

Step four: Cleaning spills and stains

First and foremost, if anything is spilled on your sofa make sure you act quickly.

The longer it’s left to sink in, the harder it will be to clean. In order to protect the fabric and its colour, mix some gentle detergent with warm water and dab the affected area. ‘Dab’ being the keyword — be careful to not rub the spill further into the material. Allow this to air dry and repeat if necessary. (Note: whilst you can remove the covers for some of our sofas for spot cleaning, we do not recommend washing these.)

And that’s it! With a little extra love, your Koala Sofa can stay comfy and clean for many years to come.

Bored? Check out some of our favourite sofas, including the brand new Getaway sofa!

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