Stunner Sofa Bed in Kakadu
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How to know when it’s time for a new sofa

That beat-up fabric sofa followed you from your parent’s place to your first place. Then it made the cut when you moved in with a partner. But now your sofa isn’t ain’t it anymore. 

Your sofa is usually one of the first pieces of furniture people see when they enter your home. It sets the tone for your fresh, modern style. But how can your living room feel alive when the couch should have been put to rest a few years ago? 

Maybe the sofa has been overlooked for the past few years, making do in the meantime. But believe us when we tell you that nothing beats getting that new couch smell and comfort that sets the scene for your home. 

If you’re feeling seen… it’s might be time to say ‘out with the old, in with the new sofa’.

Lounging Sofa in Grey Nurse
Lounging Sofa in Grey Nurse

Your sofa has creak that isn’t cute

Your living room couch should be a wonderful place to put your feet up and relax, not to very slowly sink into with the fear that it might collapse at any moment. Trying to relax carefully is one big red flag that it’s time to retire the lounge. 

If your sofa is made using outdated tech like hinges and screws it’s probably ancient. The question isn’t can you repair a leather couch, but rather: is it worth it? Since the cost of repairing structural damage is usually higher than just buying a new sofa, the best course of action is to replace it. And better yet, replace it with a screw-free sofa that will never creak in the first place. 

Our sofas (like all Koala products!) are assembled tool-free so you’ll never have a stray screw again. Never compromising on comfort, our Lounging Sofa is the most snuggleable, nappable, sink-in-able fabric sofa you’ll ever own. Plus if you can’t handle one more squeak or creak, we can have this sofa ready for you to lounge on in just 4 hours in most metro areas. 

There’s a smell that you can’t out-spray

Unless your old couch has been wrapped in plastic, it probably has an aura that everyone is too polite to tell you about. You could try to spray the smell away or start regularly vacuuming to buy you some time, but that stubborn stink will eventually win. 

If you’ve been busy Googling “how to clean a fabric lounge”, “best way to clean a leather couch” or “best Dyson attachment for pet hair on couch” – safe to say you might be in the market for a new sofa. 

Before you go searching for “Facebook Marketplace sofa”, consider the benefits of investing in a brand-spanking, life-proof design. Our Getaway Sofa is upholstered in exclusive Koala fabric that’s built to last. Plus, our lovely Choppy Waves and Penguin Parade fabrics take it a step further, boasting strain-resistance that can handle whatever life throws at them 

In a sleek Jenolan Black colour, the Cork Sofa is built to fend off any spills and strains that might come its way. The crafty water-resistant material not only holds-off most accidental spills, it keeps its gorgeous, showroom quality to ensure it ages with grace.

Stunner Sofa Bed in Kakadu
Stunner Sofa Bed in Kakadu

You want to work smarter, not harder 

Life has changed a lot since you bought your first living room sofa, and that’s exciting. Living room extensions, more sleepovers, perhaps more butts to fit with a growing family. What you need is a larger, more versatile sofa that fills your space perfectly. 

The Stunner Sofa Bed ticks all these boxes. It’s a spacious 3-seater that folds out into a generous double bed taking you from Netflix to chill in seconds. Sure to impress your guests, it’s a world-first, bed-first sofa that replicates the feeling of a real bed. Making this fold out sofa bed the best seat, and spare bed in the house. 

Ideal for living, rumpus, or spare rooms, we’ve optimised the entire lounge to include ultra-wide under-sofa storage. A real crowd pleaser, the elevated Stunner Sofa Bed is the centrepiece that will wow your family and friends. 

Ready to upgrade? 

There’s no better time to bite the bullet and upgrade your couch. Discover our entire range of life-proof sofas and sofa beds now. 

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