Getaway Sofa in Outback
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Clever Furniture For Small Spaces

Finding clever furniture for small spaces can be tricky. But it’s the perfect opportunity to embrace working smarter, not harder. When it comes to considering how to arrange furniture in a small space, it’s important to research, plan, then purchase. Getting too excited and skipping straight to buying can lead to an overcrowded, anxiety-inducing space; leaving you to google “how to fit large furniture in a small space“. Sheesh. 

Luckily, working with small home designs doesn’t mean scaling back on style. Creating a beautiful, stylish living and bedroom space simply comes down to picking the right pieces. Choosing beautiful, compact, and practical furniture is the key. 

Giddy up, here are our top tips for selecting the perfect furniture for small spaces to create a stunning home you’ll want to come home to. 

Getaway Sofa in Outback
Getaway Sofa in Outback

Small lounge room ideas 

Sometimes you don’t realise how efficient you need to be with space until you start measuring. Planning a room layout before you start buying is a great way to know what you’ve got to play with. The last thing you want is to buy a California King Bed that you need to squeeze around when really, a double will do quite nicely. 

No matter what size of room the end goal is the same – you’re creating a comfortable space that feels roomy even when your friends and fam are around. With that in mind, a living room couch with a flexible configuration is a great choice. 

Whether you’re tucking it into the corner or spreading it out across one wall, our new Getaway Sofa is made to fit any and every living space. Comfort in all shapes and sizes, it’s available from 2-seat all the way up to 7-seater and has a matching ottoman to truly make the most of your space. 

Kirribilli Bed Base
Kirribilli Bed Base

How to decorate a small bedroom

When space is your rarest commodity, every piece of furniture needs to punch above its weight. How do you make that happen? Thoughtful design and clever storage solutions, that’s how. 

Pieces that double as storage is the way to go. In the bedroom, that means getting creative with creating space under the bed. Our Kirribilli Bed Base does just that. We’ve removed the middle leg under the bed to give you back 100% of the space to use for under bed storage. 

Another wooden bed frame: our Balmain Bed Base is as compact as they come, specifically designed for small bedrooms. This solid timber bed base is super sleek, and with the option to add attachable bedside tables, it’s practical without compromising on style or sleep. 

Stunner Sofa Bed in Billy
Stunner Sofa Bed in Billy

Best space-saving sofa bed

When it comes to storage ideas for small spaces, multifunction is your bestie. So you’re on the lookout for the best sofa bed in Australia. Like a sofa, that doubles as a bed. We call it a Sofa Bed. Inspired, we know. 

Our award-winning sofa bed range takes you from cushy couch to solid sleep in seconds. Designed to make the most of a small space (or any home it’s in, really), our sofa beds are small enough to not crowd the room but big enough to stretch out at night. Where does the small space storage solution come in, you ask? We even snuck in some extra storage adding drawers under our Stunner Sofa Bed. Clever, comfortable design doesn’t get better than this. 

Where to try Koala mattresses?

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Want more on how to maximise space in a small apartment?

From small bedroom chairs to the best sofa for small spaces in Australia – we’ve got the goods, no matter how compact your space may be. Looking for more clever furniture for small spaces? Discover our entire range now.

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