Koala furniture pieces in a bright and clean living room that exudes the coastal Hamptons-style living room look
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Hamptons living room: styling your Hamptons coffee table and more

Is it just us, or do you also find yourself dreaming about your own beachside home on a hot summer’s day? Inspired by the high-end seaside communities of New York’s Long Island, the Hamptons style is one of our favourite interior design styles. So if you’re thinking about putting together a coastal Hamptons style living room, this is where we come in with the goods.

Whether it’s your bedroom, spare room or living room, Hamptons style interiors are all about bright whites and sophisticated beach vibes. So if you’re ready to feel like you’re on a holiday every damn day, put on your sunnies and slap on that sunscreen because we’re about to go full coastal.

What is the Hamptons style

When it comes to styling a home to bring the ocean into your living room, interior designer Lisa Alward is here to help. We asked her for the lowdown on what a classic Hamptons-style living room looks like.

“The traditional Hamptons-style design focuses on a limited colour palette of white and blue, with timber and neutral tones,” she says. “Texture is used, as well as stripes and florals. Furniture is a mix of antiques and classic pieces but never trendy.”

Stripes, florals and antiques? Sounds like our usual trip down to Vinnies.

Get the Hamptons look

Texture and contrast are key when it comes to styling this look, because the aim of the game is to marry the rugged, wind-beaten world of the outside with the affluent sophistication of the inside.

Start with large, comfy textured rugs and upholstered sofas and bed heads, sticking to neutral tones to keep the colour palette light. To create that quintessentially airy and spacious feel, you’ll need white walls, lots of natural light and a good scattering of organic materials. And to tip your hat to tradition, bust out those soft grey and soft blue paints to get that coastal look we all recognise.

When it comes to Hamptons coffee tables or bookshelf styling, keep it natural and go for more subtle design choices rather than opting for overtly beach-themed furnishings. Furniture made of cane, rattan or bamboo add warmth to a room, while woven baskets and earth-toned throws and cushions give the space that coveted lived-in look.

Koala’s cushions and throws adds a sophisticated touch to a coastal Hamptons style living room
For a modern Hamptons look, opt for accessories in shades of blacks and dark navy

The modern Australian Hamptons look

There are two great things about how the traditional Hamptons style has evolved over the years, and it’s not that another shade of blue has been added to the colour palette.

To take on a more Aussie feel, a modern coastal Hamptons style living room looks less like a blue and white lifebuoy ring and more like the Aussie bush. Natural hues and earthier tones can now be blended into the quintessentially American boathouse look to better reflect our gumtree-rich landscape.

“For a more modern Hamptons look, you could look at incorporating black and white or really dark navy and white,” says Lisa. “The style has evolved so that you might now even see more beige or greens being used.” This last one’s definitely for the city slickers who love their interior design looks with a side of urban green and beige. 

Get the Hamptons look with Koala

The Hamptons look is much more than a few seashell ornaments and a decorative piece of driftwood. And at Koala, we’re more than just mattresses.

To bring together your coastal Hamptons style living room, here are a few signature Koala pieces that might do the job:

🐚 Hamptons bookshelf. Thanks to its natural blonde timber hues, you’ll definitely nail the coastal aesthetic with our Kirribilli timber bookshelves

🐚 Hamptons coffee table. The classic design of our Rectangular Coaster Coffee Table or smart, sophisticated Kirribilli Coffee Table will give any room that timeless feel.

🐚 Hamptons sofa. Go from sit to sleep in seconds with our Cushy Sofa Bed. Perfectly plush and unbelievably comfy, your guests will never want to leave. While our Getaway Sofa Luxe Edition is simply made for relaxed beachside living. 

🐚 Hamptons homewares. Get the ultimate beach house vibes with a Beachside Cushion in our classic charcoal stripe, or add a touch of holiday max relaxation with the Barossa Throw.

🐚 Hamptons rugs. Pared back hues and natural fibres work perfectly with the Hamptons vibe. The Koala Outback Rug in Natural is a winner for this look.

To find out more about the Koala homewares range, check out our chat with Koala Design Director Alexandra Owen and Textiles Designer Erin Haigh.

Style your home

Looking to create the Hamptons look in the bedroom? Too easy. We’ve got all the bits and bobs you might need to get that truly Aussie coastal look.

Shop online now for Hamptons style coffee tables, beds, mattresses, furniture, sofas and more. With fast delivery and fuss-free, tool-free assembly, you can’t go wrong with Koala. And don’t forget Koala customers enjoy a 120-night risk-free trial on all Koala products.

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