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Searching for the perfect Scandi coffee table? Here it is.

Searching for the perfect Scandi coffee table? We’ve found it!

Is it just us, or is there something really satisfying about the simplicity of Scandinavian style?

Timeless, minimal and clutter-free, Scandi ticks all the boxes when it comes to down-to-earth and user-friendly interior design styles. It makes any room feel light, open and effortlessly clean, and the best part is that the look is super easy to achieve.

Got the budget for a few key pieces of minimal, beautiful yet affordable furniture? Then we’ve got some ideas on how you can create a warm Scandinavian living room with a true blue Aussie touch.

From what makes the perfect Scandi coffee table to how to spot Scandi furniture from a mile away, Bella Vie Interiors principal interior designer Lisa Alward takes us through the ins and out of Scandi design.

Shopping for Scandi furniture

Okay, so we all kind of know what the Scandi vibe is meant to be. But when it comes to actually taking part in interior styling, it can be a bloody nightmare knowing where to start!

“Look for floating styles with slim legs rather than a solid base,” says Lisa, taking us through the process of furniture shopping.

“You want to avoid the bulkier look. Go for a style where you can see the rug underneath. Think minimalism in light-coloured timber, like beech or oak, rather than the reds and the richer colours of mid-century modern.”

And when it comes to colour, she recommends you should stick with “soft greys, soft blues and soft whites” to achieve the look. If you’re keen for a Scandi coastal feel, she says opting for “subdued patterns like stripes, as well as nature-inspired textures like wood, cane, bamboo and woven baskets” works a treat. I guess this is where we put away our hot pink ornaments.

Designing a warm Scandinavian living room

With all its bright whites and minimal designs, if you’re not careful, Scandi style can start to feel colder than an Esky at a summer barbie. So how do we go about heating things up? Lisa suggests using throws, rugs, plants and timber.

“Items made of blonde timber will innately bring warmth to any space. Oversized plants are a great way to add that organic and natural feel. And introduce some natural textiles like linen, jute, mohair or wool to add great texture.”

Lighting is also a great way to ramp up those cosy and inviting vibes. “Selecting a warm light globe rather than a cool one will give your room that instant glow.” Too easy Lisa!

The Kirribilli timber furniture range is warm, sophisticated and sustainable.

Shop for Scandi furniture online with these key pieces from Koala

We’re proud that our products are inspired by and designed in Australia, but we reckon loads of them definitely suit the Scandi aesthetic. If you love this look, here are some Koala pieces that will fit the bill::

🐨 Scandi coffee table: Whether you like your coffee tables round or square, we’ve got every type of peg covered. With their sleek lines and warm, white oak finish, our Coaster Coffee Tables will fit right into any living room like a glove, whilst the sleek lines and cleverly-designed Kirribilli Coffee Table will keep all your bits and bobs in place; in style. 

🐨 Scandi bedroom furniture: Check out our Balmain Bed Base to really bring that minimalist look to life, and keep your bedroom clutter-free with the matching attachable Balmain Bedside Tables. All you have to do is clip them onto the bed base. Seriously, does life get any easier than that? Our Kirribilli Bed Base is also beautifully minimalist with curves in the right places, and is perfectly complimented by the Kirribilli Side Tables moonlighting as bedside tables!

🐨 Homewares: Add that warm, modern touch to any room with our full range of Koala homewares. Inspired by the colours and textures of Australia, these products blend perfectly with lots of interior styles. When it comes to texture, you can’t go wrong with our Stitch Up Cushion, and if you want a more minimalist look, you’ll love our Kick Back Cushion. Want to add a beachy feel to the mix? Then you’ll need to take a squiz at our Shear Bliss Rug.

🐨 Storage: The Scandi vibes continue in the Koala Kirribilli storage range. These beautiful bookshelves, TV Unit, and timber console table are perfect for every room in the house. 

When it comes to our products and environmental sustainability, we’re chuffed that we’re doing our part. So if you ever want to know what we’re doing for you and our planet, check out our Koala certifications for all the deets on what we’re doing behind the scenes.

Get a new look

Ready to have a crack and give your home a new look? Well then, we’re ready and waiting! Shop our full range of Scandi furniture — Australia-style — including beds, mattresses, pillows, furniture and homewares. We’ve got everything you need to redesign and revamp every room in the house. 

Nervous about buying online? We get it. That’s why you’ve got 120 nights to try our products. If you’re not feeling it, just return them within that time for your money back. Perfect!

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