A mother leans over her baby who lies ready for sleep on her beautiful Koala mattress, which does not require a cot mattress protector
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Do you need a cot mattress protector? Let’s find out

Do you really need a cot mattress protector? Let’s find out

Prepping for a new baby is an exciting time. But it can also be overwhelming. You’ve got the bedroom furniture picked out, including the cot and mattress, but now you need all the accessories to make sure they feel as snug as a bug when they finally arrive.

Already started browsing online? Don’t be surprised if you’ve already come across a mountain of options and a whole bunch of conflicting information. From cot mattress toppers and cot mattress protectors to sheet sets, doonas, pillows, blankets and everything in between, it can be a lot to take in.

So, what are the items you actually need, and what are the things you can do without? We spoke with paediatrician Dr Sarah Arachchi to take us through the world of cot accessories and what you can do to give your baby a snuggly start to life.

Why does a cot need a cot mattress protector?

Traditionally a mattress protector is a parent’s best friend when it comes to late-night accidents, milk spills or any other bedtime mishaps. It’ll keep your mattress heavenly clean and bone dry.

But at Koala we’re all about making life simple, which is why we’ve disrupted the market yet again with our Joey Cot Mattress, complete with a removable, washable cover.

The next time something goes bump — or blurp — in the night, fear no more. You’ll be able to pull away those sheets, zip off the removable cover and simply throw them in the wash tout suite, and then put baby back to bed as though nothing ever happened. 

How to pick a cot sheet set

Your number one priority has become to make sure your baby is comfy and cosy in their new bed — we hear you. So what should you be looking for when picking out sheets for their cot?

“Opt for breathable fabrics,” says Dr Sarah. “Cotton is great for temperature regulation in general and also for a baby’s skin, particularly if the baby is prone to eczema.”

When you’re selecting your cot set, size is also important. Dr Sarah advises, “A fitted sheet that will fit the cot’s specifications is best. You don’t want loose ends that could pose a safety issue.”

Do you need a cot doona?

Okay, here’s the thing: to doona or not to doona?

We know you want your baby to feel like a burrito when they’ve gone off with the fairies, but it turns out that doonas can actually pose quite a safety risk.

To avoid this altogether, using a sleeping bag for your little bub is an adorable alternative to the cot doona. It usually comes with a fitted neck and armholes (or sleeves). And it’s a great way of keeping the little bug snug without causing overheating.

If you feel like they might need an extra layer, you can always fall back on using a blanket, with breathable fabrics like cotton being best. But you’ll want to ensure two things: firstly, that the blanket is tucked into the sides of the mattress and, secondly, that it’s kept at the height of baby’s chest to avoid it nearing the face and becoming a safety issue.

A Koala cot and mattress without a cot mattress topper, in a beautiful designed room
You won’t need a cot mattress protector with the Koala Joey cot mattress, thanks to its machine-washable removable cover

6 ways to keep baby safe in the cot

Less is more when it comes to creating a safe sleep space for your baby. Here are six things to keep in mind when setting up the cot:

🍼 Use a firm mattress with flat and well-fitted sheets.

🍼 Avoid using soft or padded mattress protectors that might add too much softness to the mattress.

🍼 Remember to place things like soft toys out of reach so they don’t present choking hazards.

🍼 Avoid pillows or cot bumpers that may pose as possible sources of airway obstruction for your baby.

🍼 Place baby on their back, as this helps to protect their airways when they’re asleep.

🍼 Ensure their head and face remain uncovered at all times.

If you’re unsure about anything to do with your baby’s sleep environment or routine, seek advice from your GP or other professional.

Getting your baby’s room ready

As part of Koala’s Joey range, we’ve got everything you need to create the picture-perfect bedroom for your little angel. And to put your mind further at ease, our mattresses are all rigorously tested and safety-certified.

The Joey Cot Mattress has a zip-off removable top layer that’s machine washable. So there’s no need to invest in a mattress protector. The water-resistant inner protective layer was designed with nighttime accidents in mind. Plus, the Joey mattress’s foam has antimicrobial properties to help prevent the growth of mould, mildew and microbes. How great is that!

To get started, try any of our products for 120 nights. Don’t love it? Then we’ll arrange for a full return and refund without any woes or worries. What can we say? It’s the Koala way.

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