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Nursery essentials list: what you need, and what you don’t

Congrats! It’s almost time for your little joey to come home. While your home is buzzing with excitement, let’s focus for a moment and help you set up a dreamy nursery that’ll not only be safe for baby, but also beautiful and comfortable for you. 

Becoming a parent for the first (or second… or third) time can be overwhelming. So let us help you get a hold of the basics for your nursery before everyone throws their two cents at you. 

So what do you need in a nursery? Here are 6 essentials for your first baby nursery. 

Kookaburra Baby Cot – the centrepiece of your nursery 

A truly minimalist nursery essential, this stunning solid wood will be the pride and joy of the room. We’re proud to announce our Kookaburra Baby Cot is Australia’s first tool-free assembly cot. With simple, intuitive assembly that doesn’t compromise on baby’s safety, this cot meets Red Nose Australia Safer Sleep Criteria and built from the ground up in under ten minutes. 

Designed to play perfectly with the Joey Baby Mattress, the Kookaburra Baby Cot also has adjustable sleep heights and a raised platform that promotes airflow to help keep your little one at optimal sleeping temperature. 

A stylish and multifunctional chest of drawers should be on every nursery essentials list
Wombat Chest of Drawers

Wombat Chest of Drawers

Keep everything in your arm’s reach (not your child’s) with this FSC® certified solid timber chest of drawers. Engineered for safety and sturdiness, its handleless design means no little monkeys will be climbing on top or making it topple over.  

The three drawers fit standard dividers to help you keep it together even on life’s messiest days. We’ve also added subtle handrails on each side to hang your extra things, or to keep things close if it’s nappy changing time. It really is a newborn nursery essential. 

Nursery Chair

This nursery isn’t just for your little one, you’ll be spending a lot of time there too. So you better get comfy. 

You could opt for a classic nursery rocking chair, but our advice is to choose a comfy, cushioned armchair or sofa bed that you’ll want to spend those long nights in. 

These are our picks for best armchairs for nurseries: 

Getaway Armchair

The new best seat in your house. Designed with handy storage for bedtime stories, emergency dummies, trinkets or toys, and stain-resistant fabric on select colours. For extra storage and when you really need to put your feet up, add the matching Getaway Ottoman. Together, they’re the luxurious yet smart choice for your nursery. 

Cushy Sofa Bed

When that long night turns into a nursery sleepover, you’ll be glad to have this Sofa Bed in your corner. Available in a single, double, or queen size it’s made to fit every sized nursery. Plus no squeaky hinges mean you’ll never risk waking up the little tike when you’re turning it from a couch to a bed. 

While these nursery chairs are packed with plush, you could always add more. Nursery cushions and throws are essential items for a nursery. When you’ve got the opportunity for a spontaneous nap, the Daydreamer Cushion or Beach Bum Cushion and matching Beach Bum Throw invite you to snuggle up and catch some z’s.

When compiling your nursery essentials list don't forget a pure wool rug, Australia.
Shear Bliss Rug in Grey Gum

Wool Rug

Comfort and softness is everything when it comes to making your best nursery. Finish off your nursery with a 100% wool rug that’ll keep your toes toasty and give your knees something soft to kneel on during playtime. 

The Sheer Bliss Wool Rug is made ethically from 100% New Zealand wool and is extra soft underfoot. 

Bedtime Stories

We all have our favourite bedtime stories from our childhood but after reading them a million times, you might want to freshen it up a little. 

Every mattress purchase from the Joey baby and kids range comes with an added surprise – your new favourite bedtime story Rhianna the Goanna. Set the scene for the sweetest dreams and join Rhianna and her friends as they learn how little changes can have a big impact on the world. 

It’s an exciting time setting up your nursery. With these beautiful, minimalist nursery essential furniture you can tick prep a dreamy nursery off your to-do list. 

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