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The ultimate guide to beds for teenagers

We can’t help with hormones, but we can help with the best beds for teenagers.

They really ain’t kidding when they say “they grow up so fast”. Teenagers are no joke, especially when it comes to outgrowing their bed physically and psychologically.  Whilst no one is ever really prepared to tackle the teenage period, we can get you both started with a guide to the best beds for teenagers in Australia. 

When should I upgrade my teenager’s bed?

Rather than asking “what is the best single mattress for a teenager”, it’s worth considering if it’s time for an upgrade to a double, queen or even a king. While we don’t want to admit that they’re growing up and maturing, needing a bigger bed is an inevitable stage in the process. 

First there’s the growth spurt. While a single bed is designed to fit one person, for extra tall or wide teenagers a single bed it just doesn’t cut it. 

Secondly, growing up often leads to more stuff. Stuff that can be stored under a bigger bed. The messy teenager trope doesn’t have to make its way into your house if you upgrade the bed base to a larger one with storage built in.

Finally, let’s be real. As they mature, so do their social lives. Night’s out turn into sleepovers. Friends turn into partners. It’s better to have the learning curves under your roof where they feel safe. 

A Koala mattress on a bed next to a Koala mattress delivery box after someone has bought the mattress online

Why should I invest in a good mattress for my teenager?

It’s no secret that a good sleep leads to a happy teen. Science suggests that teens need between 9-10 hours of sleep a night… but in reality they’re getting closer to 7. That’s a pretty decent gap. 

Sleep deprivation can lead to concentration problems, risk-taking behaviours, reduced sporting and academic performance, moodiness, plus a handful of other things. It’s crazy to think we could simply take the sting out of all these symptoms by sleeping better. 

So we know that better sleep is important, but how much does a high-quality mattress impact that? Well again, science says “a lot”. Getting a comfortable sleep environment that matches your teenager’s sleep needs not only throughout their teen years but into adulthood makes a huge difference to their waking hours. 

Investing in a high-quality mattress means you can buy it once, and buy it to last them well into adulthood. Low-quality mattresses tend to have a shorter shelf life – for example they break easier and get sweat stained quicker. Eventually, if you keep having to replace your mattress your expenses will only add up. A better quality mattress is more cost-effective in the long run considering how much time they will spend in their beds. 

At the end of the day, a good sleeping mattress is an investment in your child’s health, spine, and mood. Which means you’ll have a teenager that wakes up on the right side of the bed, every day. Hallelujah. 

Tell me: what is the best mattress for a teenager?

So you’ve come to grips with finding a new mattress for your teenager. Now it’s time to choose what size and type of mattress will best fit their growing body. 

When choosing a mattress it’s important to take into account their changing body type and lifestyle. To optimise your kid’s sleep, consider things like size, firmness, material, and technology. 

Calm As Mattress in Double
Calm As Mattress in Double

Does your teenager run hot in the night? Sweaty nighttime teenagers lead to overtired, restless day-time teenagers – something no parent wants to deal with. 

Keep them cool all night long with a breathable mattress. Our Calm As Mattress is engineered with permanent moisture wicking capabilities, plus the cover is made with COOLMAX® technology. It’s easy going on their skin, and the 6cm comfort layer helps them feel cool and dry, even on muggiest nights. 

As an added bonus, it’s got adjustable firmness levels so they can simply zip and flip the double-sided comfort layer to switch between medium-firm and firm support. The Calm As Mattress truly has their back, even on the hottest nights. 

Koala Mattress in Double
Koala Mattress in Double

Maybe your teenager needs the best support at night? Being a teenager is tiring. Ensure whatever their day holds you can count on a good night’s sleep at the end. 

Not only a fan fave but winner of Product Review’s Best Mattress in 2023, the Koala Mattress is supportive in all the right places. Its firmer support base right beneath the hips prevents them from sinking into the mattress – a super handy feature for helping maintain a healthy spine and sleeping posture. 

Prefer to spend a little less (since you’re forking out for shoes and clothes and food and electricty and, and, and…!)? The Koala SE Mattress is your perfect option. All the critical smarts of the Koala Mattress, minus a couple of bells and whistles to make it our best-value mattress offering.

Soul Mate Mattress in Double
Soul Mate Mattress in Double

Are you looking to invest in a mattress that’ll truly last your teen well into their next decade? The Soul Mate Mattress is the plushest mattress in our award-winning mattress collection, making it not only one of the best beds for teenagers; but for the whole household! 

Designed to work with your teen’s body, not against it, our 5 Zoned Adaptive Foam Springs are crafted to react to the body’s slightest movements. Each spring offers tailored support and with airflow in all the right areas, it’ll help give them a cooler night’s sleep.

Most importantly, the added bamboo charcoal transition layer has nifty ventilation holes that are not just naturally antimicrobial, but the perforated memory foam takes the sting out of heat, relieves pressure, and promotes airflow. That means they’ll have a cooler night’s sleep, and less icky yellow sweat stains in the long run. 

Talk to me about the best beds for teenagers. 

So you’ve picked your best mattress type for your teenager, next step is considering the other elements of creating the best beds for teenagers. Given they’re likely upgrading from a single bed to a larger size – this is a really exciting time for your growing teenager and a time for them to show off their personality through their choice of bed frame and linen. 

Balmain Bed Base
Balmain Bed Base

Best bed frames for teenagers 

Since our bed bases come with a 5 year warranty, it’s worth investing in a piece that’ll take your teens through to their early 20s and beyond. We’ll wait a second while you wipe away those tears…! 

When we’re talking bed frames you have one essential decision: to wooden bed frame, or to not wooden bed frame? With all Koala bed frames providing solid mattress support the answer really comes down to personal preference. 

Our Balmain Bed Base with optional ‘wing’ bedside tables was designed with compact spaces in mind, providing all the support and style without taking up a tonne of floor space. The mattress nuzzles into the wooden bed frame nice and snug to avoid slippage throughout the evening. If you’re into wood but not into the Balmain (weird flex but okay…), our Kirribilli Bed Base might be the one for you. Decide on either and rest easy knowing your purchase includes a donation to WWF. 

More into upholstery than wood? Our Paddington Bed Base is the one for you. This Good Design Award-winning upholstered bed base provides literal and visual plushness, with grey marle side and headboards to quell any shin-juries. 

Best pillows for teenagers 

Like their Tiktok algorithms, this one is totally personal. Have your teeny-bopper take our quiz to find their perfect pillow match and sleep easy knowing you’re giving them the most supportive sleep possible. 

Can’t decide? Our OG Koala Pillow is a crowd-fave and has taken out the Canstar Blue ‘Most Satisfied Customers’ Award in 2021 and 2022. Not too shabby, eh?

Tencel Duvet Cover Set in Bottlenose Grey
Tencel Duvet Cover Set in Bottlenose Grey

Best bedding and linen for teenagers 

Without getting too graphic – you’re going to want a machine-washable, antimicrobial mattress protector to protect your teenager’s shiny new mattress. Don’t ask, just trust us. Our Great Barrier Mattress Protector entirely covers your mattress, literally creating a barrier for any spills or whoopsies. 

When it comes to teen sheet sets, there’s nothing more fun than our Tencel Linen Sheet and Duvet Sets. These babies took out Product Review’s 2023 Best Sheet Set Award, are silky-smooth to the touch and come in a range of vibrant, gorgeous colours so your teens can really bring their personality to life. 

Add a light-weight summer doona or plush all-year duvet, plus a few decorative, playful thow cushions and rugs and voila – your teenager has themselves a room you’ll be mighty envious of! 

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