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On a bear hunt for the best sofa bed, Australia?

Welp, we’ve done it. We’ve made the best sofa bed, Australia.

When it comes to discovering what is the most comfortable sofa bed in Australia, a pretty safe bet would be to go with folks who cut their teeth creating the most awarded, most comfortable mattress in Australia. 

Whoever could that be, you ask? A pleasure to meet you – our name is Koala; we’re here to sell you the best sofa bed, Australia. You may know us from that time we turned the mattress industry on its head, sorting out all the dodgy practices one doorstep delivery at a time.

Simply put, Aussies went pretty mad for the ol’ Koala Mattress, and for good reason. We’ve stuffed all the best sleep tech into those two cardboard boxes, ensuring you fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper, for longer. 

We’re sensible folks, and extending our sleep know-how to sleep-esque products only made sense. Sheets and Duvet Sets. Pillows. Bed Bases. And – you guessed it, you clever little gumnut – sofa beds. Australia’s #1 rated sofa bed range, in fact. 

The journey began with our OG Sofa Bed – with hundreds of five star reviews, thank you very much – and expanded over the years to give you options based on style, size, fabric and storage needs. 

How does one create the best sofa bed, Australia wonders?

We can’t spill all our trade secrets, but the rub really lies in ensuring that this multi-functional furniture is as comfortable folded up as it is folded out. Sounds easy, but we’ve all experienced either a bony, spiky sitting experience or an unsupported, uncomfy sleeping experience on a sofa bed. And we reckon that simply won’t do. 

The exclusive Koala Sofa Bed range is designed to go from sit to sleep in seconds, so you can finally say goodbye to those spring-ridden, back-breaking pull-out sofas of the past. Assembled entirely tool-free, meaning no flat pack meltdowns or dangerous assembly injuries; and covered by a 120-night trial so you can send it right on back if it’s not exactly the right fit. But, just quietly – we reckon it will be. 

And that ain’t even the half of it! From single sizes to storage solutions to spill-resistant fabrics, we’ve designed the Koala sofa bed range with real life, and the planet, in mind. 

Stunner Sofa Bed with storage – in Limestone

Looking for the most comfortable sofa bed, Australia?

If you’ve gotten this far into the article, you’re very familiar with why the Koala sofa beds are so damn comfy. Choose any of them, and you’ve made a great choice. 

If you want to side with Australia, look no further than our Cushy Sofa Bed – aka the top-rated sofa bed on and winner of the Product Review 2023 Award for the Best Sofa Bed. More awards than you can poke a stick at (although we’d never condone stick pointing. Rude.) 

However, we reckon we threw a wee spanner in the works when we launched the Stunner Sofa Bed – our very first elevated sofa bed solution. The Stunner sits above the floor when folded out (emulating a traditional futon bed height), meaning no need for any back tweaks or twinges to get from sit to sleep and back again. 

It ain’t over ‘til the fat Koala sings – there’s more. The Stunner Sofa Bed is indeed our first elevated sofa bed, but it’s also our very first sofa bed with storage. Australia – impressive, or what? The in-built storage drawers are perfect for spare linen, providing your guests with sleep so good they’ll need to sit down. 

Looking for a single sofa bed, 2 seater sofa bed, or 3 seater sofa bed, Australia?

You’re in luck – we’ve got ‘em all. Between our Koala Sofa Bed, Cushy Sofa Bed and Stunner Sofa Bed, you can choose from multiple sofa sizes corresponding to your conventional mattress sizes in single, double and queen. Yes, that means your existing sheets and bedding will fit on poifectly. 

Shop the Koala sofa bed range right hurrr. Or sofas. Or armchairs. Ottomans? We got ‘em all. 

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