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How to store a mattress (and other fascinating bed questions)

How to store a mattress (and loads more questions answered)

As the star of the bedroom, there’s a lot we can learn about the humble mattress. And as the people who sleep on them, it’s unsurprising that you guys wanna know all you can.

So, just as Superman hears the world’s problems, Koala hears your mattress questions. And today, we’re here to quench your thirst for knowledge.

How do you know when you need a new one? What about how to store a mattress and keep it in good nick? Can they be flipped? And do slat beds ruin mattresses?

Today, we answer all these questions and more, along with offering some savvy tips on how to keep your mattress happy.

Q+A: the mattress edition

Have a burning query about mattresses? You’re not alone. As it turns out, us Aussies ask a lot of questions about beds.

To help, we put together this quick Q+A with Koala’s resident mattress expert and Bedding Manager, Stephanie Roberts-Baxter. Let’s go.

When do I need to buy a new mattress?

Saggy mattress making you toss and turn? More allergies than usual? A bed that’s been working hard for 10+ years? These are just some of the tell-tale signs that you need a new mattress.

Do mattresses get heavier over time?

Short answer: no. “A mattress is going to weigh what it does and not get heavier over time,” Stephanie tells us. And that’s even with the build-up of ‘stuff’ over time. “But if you’re not using a mattress protector, your mattress could have sweat, dead skin cells, and goodness knows what else building up on it.” Excuse us while we shudder.

How often should I flip a mattress?

As creatures of habit, we lay our beautiful bodies on our mattresses every night in the exact same spots. Rotating your mattress will help alleviate some of this burden and give it a longer life.

Heads up, though. Koala mattresses are designed to be slept on on just one side. Rotating — not flipping — your mattress is the only way to go. 

Do slat beds ruin mattresses?

Slatted bed bases have good and bad points, sure. But realistically, they’re probably not going to damage your mattress. What’s important is choosing a quality frame that works with the mattress you have. “A good bed base is designed to provide optimal airflow, prevent sagging and keep you cool at night,” says Stephanie. Our advice? Buy a frame that’s made for the mattress, and vice versa.

Is stacking mattresses bad?

Unless you’re living out some wild Princess and the Pea fantasy (hey, no judgement), we don’t recommend stacking mattresses. Piling two — or more — on top of each other can spread allergens, ruin their stability and support, and create indentations and depressions that wouldn’t have formed otherwise.

How do I cool down in bed?

Feeling McSteamy when you’re actually in the mood for McDreamy? Temperature is uber important when it comes to getting good sleep. No surprise, then, that people often ask how to cool a bed down. Experts recommend setting the aircon to a cool 19 degrees, wearing natural fibre PJs and sleeping on a mattress that’s firm and not sinky to keep you cool at night.

A Koala bed base and mattress in a large bedroom with green feature wall and timber flooring
Look after your mattress by using a mattress protector, vacuuming regularly and rotating every few months

Give your mattress some lovin’

Just like us, our beds need a little bit of TLC now and then. Check out these quick tips that guarantee you do your mattress right — every single night.

  • Keep it clean. Once a month, give your mattress a quick clean with the vacuum. Had a spill? Take care of it ASAP with a fast blotting action, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it goes away.
  • Always sleep with a mattress protector. Don’t let just anyone into your bed. Stephanie recommends using a protector to “keep sweat, bugs and allergens from getting in”. Ugh.
  • Store it like a pro. Wondering how to store a mattress? “Make sure you seal it with plastic to protect it from dirt, dust and moisture,” suggests Stephanie. “If you’re storing it for longer periods, keep it flat so none of the core layers get distorted.”

Get cluey about Koala mattresses

Congrats. You’ve earned your Master’s in Mattresses, and as a newly endorsed expert, we think it’s time for an upgrade.

Luckily, you’re in the right place. Koala’s mattresses come with a 10-year warranty, easy delivery and a whopping 120-night ‘sleep on it’ trial. Don’t love it? We’ll refund the purchase price of your new bed and even collect it from your home. That’ll help you sleep better at night, for sure.

Still trying to figure out the best bed for you? Check out this fun mattress quiz to Goldilocks your way to a better bed.

New mattress, new you

Let’s face it. Your mattress has seen some things it would rather not remember. Mood. Give yourself a fresh start, and check out Koala’s epic range of mattresses today.

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