5 reasons why you should choose a Koala wool rug

Get ready to fall in love with our wool Rug range, designed in-house in Sydney.

Designing with sustainability in mind is at the core of Koala’s values. This starts from the materials we use, all the way to the ethics and practices in manufacturing our products. Unfortunately not all wool is created equally.

The practices and treatment of animals can vary greatly. So, when it came to developing our new range of wool rugs, we were committed to only using the wool that reached the highest ethical standard.

Here’s five things you should know about Koala’s new range of wool rugs:

We do better

Koala wool rugs are made from ZQ wool, ethically sourced and traced from New Zealand.

ZQ wool is the world’s leading ethical wool, independently certified to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). The certification standard stands for quality, sustainability and connection, from the grower through to you. We share a commitment to better quality of life for the animals, the land and the growers and their community.

This means our products have been tracked from farm to final product, and sourced from farms committed to respecting animal welfare and responsible land management requirements.

We’re looking after our farmers

Sustainable farming is closely linked with the health and wellness of the farmers, their families, their land and the local community. By choosing to use ZQ and RWS certified wool, Koala supports the safety of those living and working on those farms.

The five freedoms for animal welfare

ZQ certification ensures that the sheep who provide for our products graze on pastures in free range farming conditions and live by five basic freedoms: freedom from distress, thirst, discomfort, disease, and the freedom to live naturally.

We’re against mulesing

Mulesing is the painful procedure that involves cutting areas of skin around a lamb’s breech and tail. When the wound heals, it creates an area of scar tissue, which is less likely to attract blowflies. New Zealand officially banned the practice of mulesing in October 2018.

Mulesing is not permitted on properties that supply ZQ wool. Koala is proud to be against mulesing in all our products.

From source to sale

Each product in our range can be traced back to the farms through the RWS chain of custody. With visibility over the farming, harvesting, sale, transport, and product production, Koala can ensure that the entire operation is ethical and responsible. Good for the planet. Good for you. Win-win!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our new wool rug collection now!

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