Why we created our brand new Koala Mattress Range

Since we launched our OG Mattress back in 2015, the mattress-in-a-box industry has boomed, and we’ve boomed with it, using the same approach and attitude to branch into the home furniture space — target the pain points of the industry, and fix them. 

This approach is the backbone of our success to date, but it’d all be worth zilch if it weren’t for our incredibly talented product and design team who’s engineering has helped build us into the company we are today.

With our brand new Koala Mattress Range finally here, loaded with years of know-how and how-did-they-do-it, we thought it’s only right to shed some light on our brilliant design and product teams, focusing on all the work that they’ve done over the past seven years to get us to this point. 

Designing the new Koala Mattress Range

The Design team at Koala are the ones that put the polish on every mattress and piece of furniture. They’re the ones that make sure our products look elegant and visually reflect our brand and Aussie heritage. 

The new mattress range was an opportunity to bring together a new ‘signature Koala feel’ with a new ‘signature Koala look’. Our thinking behind the design is to enhance our known and loved Koala ‘look’ by drawing on the unique land and culture we have here in Australia. We referenced the Australian desert for our quilting design, and chose textures and materials that are tactile and calming. Our colours reflect the Australian landscape, but ultimately we chose neutral colours that will live in homes from Sydney to Tokyo and Seoul.

The pattern of the mattress started by looking at Australian land and weather patterns, exploring things like the sun, daylight, wind, storms, calm before and after. Ultimately, the final pattern concept came from the movement of the Australian desert and the ripples of the sand. 

Whilst the simplicity of the original Koala Mattress has resonated with customers, we needed to focus on delivering a better experience through comfort, performance and design touchpoints. While we’ll miss the cheeky blue that Koala started with on the OG Mattress, we have since become a global brand. This means offering designs that work across the globe and can sit in many homes.

The making of the new Koala Mattress Range

Koala Calm As Mattress

While the Design team at Koala is in charge of aesthetics, the Product team shoulders the mammoth task of ensuring each product we put on the market is functionally brilliant and perfect for our customers.

When we designed the new mattress range we knew that the way we sleep is unique as we are. So our range needed to cater to as many different sleeping preferences as possible. We wanted each mattress to deliver that signature Koala feel, no matter which one you choose, you can be sure it will still have the cloud-like feel that Koala is known for.

The COOLMAX® fibres in the sleep surface of our Calm As mattress can help you stay cool and dry for a better night’s sleep. The adaptive foam springs and bamboo charcoal memory foam layer in our Soul Mate mattress can help take some of the pressure off. The TENCEL™ Lyocell used in the New Koala Mattress has been produced with low ecological impact, as well as being breathable and smooth to the touch.

The biggest change from the original design is our new Flippable Kloudcell™ Comfort Layer, which allows you to you can unzip and flip to whichever firmness feels right for you. All three of our new mattresses have a “firm” and a “medium-firm” side, making it easier than ever to customise the way you sleep.

Throughout this process, we’ve rigorously tested our mattresses – undergoing sleep trials, conducting comprehensive durability testing, pressure mapping, and safety certification. We developed a whopping 144 unique prototypes before landing on the final three mattresses.

Our mattress range has also been independently assessed to meet a wide range of environmental, human health, and social impact criteria. So you can be certain you’re making a purchase that is better for you, and better for the planet.

Put simply, our design and product teams are exceptional, and when you’re curled up on your brand new Koala Mattress having the best sleep of your life (because let’s face it, why wouldn’t you buy one after reading this?), you’ll know just who to thank.

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