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Washable sofa covers: you asked, we delivered

What are washable sofa covers and exactly how will they change your life? 

The scene has played out squillions of times across all the homes in Australia. You settle in for a much-awaited episode, nursing your well-earned vino, and a jump-scare (or general clumsiness) causes a burgundy spill on your lounge. An affectionate but hairy pet just won’t stop begging to snuggle up with you on the sofa. Sticky kids get their sticky kid hands all over your living room couch. So on, so forth. It’s a messy life, but it’s yours – and you need furniture designed to fit it. 

We’re all about designing fuss-free furniture to do the job and to look damn good while doing it. In order to keep looking good for as long as possible, its a no-brainer that machine-washable textiles and furniture would be ideal. We’ve been working our tails off to design machine-washable products where possible, and stain-resistant (but we call it life-proof, because: sexier) elsewhere. 

So it came as no surprise when Aussies started begging us to design versions of our award-winning sofas with removable, machine-washable covers. Who wouldn’t want the option of sprucing up some life-stained couch cushions, or swapping out colours based on the season (or your mood)? And so, we went heads down, bum up to deliver something we’re really very proud of…

Meet our first sofa with washable covers: the Lounging Sofa 

It’s the Lounging Sofa you know and love – 4.7 stars on thank you very much – but with a doozy of an upgrade: washable sofa covers. Swappable sofa covers. Yes, yes, hell yes. 

Available in two or three-seater lounge size, the Lounging Sofa is made from only one long cushion (rather than two or three) which replicates a mattress more than a traditional living room couch. Meaning, it’s the best place for an afternoon kip (other than your Koala mattress, obvi). 

We’ve wrapped this baby in five brand-spanking-new fabrics to suit any style, and the best bit: they’re all washable sofa covers! As well as extending the life of your sofa, these removable sofa covers provide the option to change out the colours of your sofa whenever you fancy. Grab a different colour and fabric, zip the covers on and voila – brand new sofa for a fraction of the price! 

The Lounging Sofa and Lounging Sofa Ottoman now come in five removable, washable fabrics

How do washable sofa covers work?

Simply put – like most other washable things! Our koalas-that-be suggest weekly washing, but really it’s up to you when you’d like to give your sofa covers a refresh. Whenever that is, you simply unzip, stick ‘em in your washing machine and pop the kettle on while the magic happens. 

If you’d like loads more detail, here are the care instructions from our website: 

🛋️ Remove cover to wash

🛋️ Ensure velcro hook tape is completely covered by tab before washing

🛋️ Cold Machine wash only

🛋️ Spot clean as required

🛋️ Do not bleach or use chlorine

🛋️ Do not soak, rub or wring

🛋️ Do not Tumble dry

🛋️ Line dry in shade

🛋️ Do not Iron

Where can I buy washable sofa covers? 

Searching for a sofa with washable covers? You’ve come to the right place, kid. Our Lounging Sofa range is our very first washable sofa cover offering. Once you own a Lounging Sofa, you can purchase additional cover colours to swap over whenever you damn well please. Add a Lounging Sofa Ottoman and you’ve got yourself an eternal living room setup.

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