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The science of sofa designs: getting the best seat in the house

Sofa designs 101: how to snag the best seat in the house

As the all-time living room legend, a sofa needs to suit your home to a tee. The simplest way to do that? Choosing sofa designs that work with you, not against you. And that means considering it all when shopping for a new sofa: size, shape, style and sloth-state suitability.

We don’t mean to brag, but Koala is pretty switched on when it comes to sofas. And if you’re looking for a new one, we can help. Let us take you on a journey from classic to contemporary modern sofa design and show you why getting the features of your couch just right is a must.

Lounge act: the history of the sofa

Sofas play a solid role in the average household, but they play an even bigger role in popular culture. Think Central Perk. Think The Simpsons. Think even that creepy thing with the lights above it on Stranger Things. Sofas might be well and truly part of the furniture now, but they’ve actually been an important part of the home for centuries.

Ever since we started planting bums on seats (from about 1686, FYI), we’ve seen an array of sofa styles: the chesterfield, the loveseat, the camelback, the chaise and the modular. There’s been old-fashioned, mid-century, minimalist and so much more.

Today, modern sofas designs need to offer comfort, style and durability. And they need to do it all without sending customers broke. As the home of contemporary sofa design, Koala ticks all these boxes. It just depends on what you’re looking for.

Choosing a sofa design that’s just right

Furniture needs to be more than just pretty. It needs to be practical too. Specifically, it needs to suit the people sitting on it.

So how do we do that? We spoke with Bella Vie Interiors principal interior designer Lisa Alward. She gave us the ins and outs of good design and shared her top tips on how to pick a sofa that works for you.

🛋️ Size. Whoever said size doesn’t matter wasn’t talking about sofas. To get the best fit, measure up before adding to your cart. “Use a measuring tape to mark out on the floor where the sofa will go,” says Lisa. “Get creative, and draw up a rough plan of where everything in the living room is.”

🛋️ Style. Ever seen a fancy-schmancy living room on Insta and wanted to recreate it? Not so fast, says Lisa. “Don’t just look at it online and think, ‘that room looks beautiful’. Especially if your room looks nothing like it.” Take time to explore the aesthetic you like, and choose living room essentials to suit it.

🛋️ Materials. The material of your sofa matters, and not just for looks. “Choose fabrics that will withstand wear and tear but also add a touch of luxury and comfort,” suggests Lisa. Another pro tip from the design legend? Choose a sofa that matches the colour of your dog. That way, their hair will blend in seamlessly for less cleaning.

🛋️ Comfort. The comfy factor is big, but what does comfy mean to you? Where will you put your feet? Can you change the layout to get more room? What are the cushions filled with? All valid questions.

🛋️ Durability. Kids jump on it, the cat uses it as a scratching pole, and you lie on it so much it should be renamed Hangover Island. Living room couches need to be durable enough to put up with stains, scratches and the wear and tear of life.

A beautiful Koala sofa in an airy living room with an outlook to the pool and garden
With tool-free assembly, easy delivery and 120 nights to try before you commit, we make buying a Koala sofa easy

Say hello to Koala’s sofa designs

Sure, we burst onto the furniture scene with mattresses. But we’re more than just a good place to sleep. Koala’s sofas are magnifique and come with all the perks we’re famous for — sustainable materials, tool-free assembly, easy delivery and a 120-night trial, just to name a few.

To get acquainted with the Koala line-up, here’s a little bit about our modern sofa designs.

🛋️ Lounging. This sofa is simple, comfortable and perfect for lying about. The hint is in the name.

🛋️ Getaway. The Getaway has built-in storage, a feathery microfibre fill and stain-resistant fabric. Take a holiday without ever leaving the couch.

🛋️ Modern. The classic modular done modern, this sofa can be switched up to all shapes and sizes to suit.

🛋️ Modern with Chaise. Spend more time relaxing and less time fighting over who gets the legroom, thanks to the Modern with Chaise.

🛋️ Cork. Cork is made with renewable resources, water-resistant materials and zips that hold the cushions on the backrest. Genius.

🛋️ Compact. Good things come in small packages. The Compact Sofa fits into tight spaces and delivers maximum comfort.

🛋️ Coastal. The true meaning of laid back, this sofa is coastal inspired and comfy to boot.

But wait, there’s more. Did you know Koala also makes ottomans and armchairs? You can create an empire of comfiness in your living room and even get matchy-matchy with your new sofa.

And to really zhuzh things up, chuck on a few cushions and throws. “Rugs and cushions are great for adding texture and visual interest and keep your sofa from looking bland,” says Lisa. Aye, aye, captain.

Treat your bum to the best

A stylish, modern sofa design that doesn’t cost the world? Never heard of her — until now. Koala’s sofas are here to mix things up with designs to suit every type of home and budget. Shop the range today.

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