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What a Red Nose approval for safer sleep means for your home

Our Koala furniture is renowned for being stylish, durable, and reliable furniture for any home. But when it comes to kids’ bedrooms and nurseries, our Joey range is taking it up a level to ensure every child is safe at home. 

To ensure this, we’ve passed the highest level of safety – the Red Nose approval for safer sleep. While a Red Nose approval might sound cute, it’s a seriously impressive feat for our Joey range and something you should look out for when choosing furniture for your nursery or kids bedroom. 

What is Red Nose?

Red Nose is the leading authority in Australia for safe sleep for babies, safer pregnancy advice, and bereavement support for anyone affected by the death of a baby or child.

Since 1977, this not-for-profit has been tirelessly fundraising resulting in an 80% reduction in SIDS across Australia. 

What does a Red Nose approval for safer sleep mean?

To be Red Nose approved for safer sleep means we have to be up to date with the latest scientific research into baby sleep and safety. 

There are three main criteria underlying our certification:

🔴 A safe cot that meets current Australian standards 🇦🇺

🔴 Safe mattresses that are firm, clean, flat, and the right fit for the cot 

🔴 Safe bedding that doesn’t include soft and bulky bedding (which is associated with an increased risk of SIDS). 

The Joey by Koala range has been rigorously tried and tested by our sleep experts to ensure optimum baby safety to not only give them a good night’s sleep but also give parents peace of mind. 

We’re very proud our Kookaburra Cot and Joey Baby Mattress meet the Red Nose Australia Safer Sleep Criteria and we hope you and your family love our furniture and sleep products as much as we do. 

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