A young couple snuggles up in bed and wonder, is it good to sleep without a pillow

Looking for the perfect partner disturbance mattress?

The verdict is in this World Sleep Day. What’s been going on between the sheets is causing some serious friction (no, not that kind).  

According to our latest research*, HALF of all Aussies are a bunch of tossers…(or turners). We surveyed more than 1,000 people and you’re not alone if you feel a little frustrated by what’s been going on in the bedroom.  

The numbers are disturbing, literally. 

Sleep disturbance is a real fizzer in the bedroom and 50% of us are woken up by our partners rolling in their sleep. 1 in 5 of us get tactical, so moving rooms or making barriers with pillows, and alarmingly 12% mentioned their relationship had been on the rocks from being woken up. 

Sleep-deprived millennial Danielle Steele is at her wits end, “I’m so fed up with being woken up by my partner of two years. It’s become quite normal to have a completely interrupted sleep – as tossing and turning and readjusting after being woken up is all part of the midnight dance.” Yikes! 

Let’s talk about sleep (disturbance), baby. 

When it comes to calming your sleeping woes there’s a solution in sight. Famous for more than just its great looks, our iconic Zero Disturbance® mattress means even if you sleep with a tosser or a turner, you can turn those sleepless nights into sleepy nights. 

Sort yourself (and your partner) in 4 hours flat

The Koala Mattress, the Calm As Mattress and The Soul Mate Mattress all come with fast and flexible delivery, plus a risk-free 120-night trial because, like a partner, we know that it takes time to get to know your mattress and fall in love. 

Enter a partner disturbance mattress, stage left! 

What’s a partner disturbance mattress, you ask? Essentially, it’s a mattress that has been specifically designed to reduce the amount of movement caused by lateral movement. In short, it’s the answer to the question “how to read in bed without disturbing partner“. Not a bookworm? Swap the word ‘read’ out for most anything else, and you’ve got yourself a happy bed buddy. 

Sold? Duh. Now you’ll want to know which is the best mattress for minimal partner disturbance Australia, right? Look no further, you tossy-turner. We’ve got ’em right here.

Which mattress is right for me?

If you’ve got 45 seconds to spare, check out our mattress quiz to find the best mattress that doesn’t disturb partner, helping guide you to your best night’s sleep ever!



*Koala’s Comfy As Sleep Insights Study, February 2021.

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