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How to avoid farting while sleeping with these simple tips

How to avoid farting while sleeping and save your love life in the process

Farting. Fluffing. Breaking wind. Whatever you call it, it can be a real detriment to your social life and maybe even your love life if a good portion of your gas comes out in bed. Dutch oven, anyone?

But what’s a normal amount of farting to do in your sleep? And why do we do it? Sleep and clinical psychologist Andrew Mair is here to help us get to the ‘bottom’ of it (we love our own wordplay) and to share some tips on how to avoid farting when sleeping. 

Why do we fart in our sleep?

Farting in our sleep is usually caused by the same things that make us fart when we’re awake. When gas gets into the intestines, it has to come out eventually. And that ‘eventually’ usually sees it coming out the bum.

Excess flatulence can be blamed on many things (sometimes even the dog). But sleeping with an illness, digestive disorders, food sensitivities, medications and even stress can also be the cause.

At other times, it might be as simple as eating some cheese before heading to bed.

“We each have differences in how we digest food and dietary sensitivities,” says Andrew.  And while everybody is different, things like soft drinks, beans, onions and prunes can cause the pop-offs to pop off.

A couple laugh and smile while snuggling up on their comfortable Koala bed
Let’s face it, farting is a natural part of being human, but at on a Koala mattress you can at least fart in comfort

How to avoid farting when sleeping

There’s nothing better than letting out a bed-shaking ripper first thing in the morning. Trust us — it’s good for the soul. Your partner may not be so enlightened, though, so don’t be surprised if you hear them say words under their breath like ‘sofa bed’ and ‘maybe try cutting out the dairy’.

So, looking to Koala to save your love life and to help you say goodbye to that celebrated stench? Well, come on over and take a good whiff of these top tips on how to avoid farting when sleeping:

💨Stay away from soft drinks. The gas bubbles in these bad boys could be taking up residence in your bed (via your bum).

💨 Avoid drinking from straws. The turtles will love you, and so will your SO.

💨 Say no to chewing gum and hard lollies. (Hint: google Violet Beauregarde if you want to know why).

💨 Eat more often but in smaller portions. This can quash any digestion issues wreaking havoc within your tummy.

💨 Figure out your food sensitivities. Something may be setting you off. A doctor can help if you’re unsure where to start.

💨 Avoid snacking in the few hours leading up to bed. This gives your body a break from all the gas production while you sleep.

💨 Level up your mattress and pillow with Koala. Sure, it won’t stop you farting. But all that comfiness might just distract your loved ones from the stench.

But wait — isn’t farting normal?

Hold the Glen20. According to Andrew, passing gas when you sleep is nothing to worry about. And compared to other sleep conditions like sleep apnea and snoring, it’s usually not linked to anything too serious.

“Farting is a pretty normal thing,” says Andrew. “While it’s true that our bodies function differently at night, I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on it.”

But if you still feel like your gas issues are out of hand or preventing you from getting a good night’s rest, reach out to your GP who might be able to rule out digestive disorders like IBS, coeliac disease and food intolerances.

Cut loose with Koala

Sure, nobody wants to sleep with a world-class windbreaker every night. But rest assured that farting in your sleep is totally normal. And when you’re sleeping on a Koala mattress, you’ll be too comfy to care.

Koala offers a 120-night free trial, fuss-free delivery and sustainable and ethical practices you can be proud of. Think you can handle all of this Koala-ty? Alrighty then, sounds like you’re ready to check out our ripper of a range!

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