Modern Sofa with Corner in Blue Heeler
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What is a Modular Sofa?

So you know you need a living room couch. That’s a given. The next hurdle is finding one that not only fits this home but can fit your next one too. While we could whip out our trusty crystal ball, we really don’t need to. A modular sofa is the way forward, comfortably fitting this space and any future spaces too. 

Versatile, comfy, and easily moved between rooms and homes, modular sofas are the complete package for wherever you call home. Here’s why your new modular sofa will be a forever favourite.

Getaway Sofa in Choppy Waves
Getaway Sofa in Choppy Waves

How do modular sofas fit together?

Versatility is obviously the top reason we reach for modular sofas. As the centrepiece of your lounge room, you want something that isn’t just stylish but optimises the space for whatever you need. Friends coming to visit? Rearrange to make it a bed. Parents popping round for tea? 

Whatever the occasion, simply rejig your modular sofa for comfort in all shapes and sizes. 

Our Getaway Sofa does just that. Available from 2-seater to 7-seater in just the sofa, or with a chaise or corner there’s almost too many configurations for your living room. When you do settle on an arrangement, reward yourself by putting your feet up on the matching ottoman. 

Are modular sofas comfortable?

Sick of fighting over the comfiest spot on the couch? Well with a modular sofa you’ll have more than one to choose from. A high-quality modular couch never compromises on comfort. 

When it comes to comfort, we have to shout out our Getaway Sofa. Featuring oversized, relaxed-look covers filled with a feather-like microfiber, it may just be the best modular sofa in Australia. 

Whether you’re napping, snuggling, sitting, or chucking a sickie, a modular sofa will become your bed away from bed. 

Modern Sofa with Corner in Blue Heeler
Modern Sofa with Corner in Blue Heeler

Are modular sofas good?

Don’t throw your back out moving a hulking couch ever again. Because they come in different pieces, modular sofas are the easy (and pain-free) solution to rearranging your home or moving between places. 

From movie nights with the gang, to backyard BBQs, or building blanket forts, you’ll be able to pack your modular sofa easily into whatever the space requires. And if you don’t need the whole sofa for an event, simply split it up and only take what you need. How good is that? 

What’s even better is that our modular sofas boast tool-free assembly – making them easy not just to put together, but also to take apart when you need to shuffle things around. 

Our Modern Sofa is a classic example of this. Just lift to shift different sections of the couch around. Plus, it’s available with a corner, chaise, or simply the base couch so you’ll have a variety of different pieces to choose from for your makeshift cinema room. 

Clever storage solutions, to boot!

Whatever kind of living space you want to create, you’re going to need storage for your extra bits and bobs. You don’t want things lying around making your beautiful room looking messy now do you? 

Our Getaway Sofa has your storage sorted. Declutter your space with a sofa that doubles as a toy basket, linen closet, library, or just your mess hider-er. The ultra-wide timber drawers under every Getaway sofa piece give you the extra storage without taking up extra space. 

Make mine modular! 

We agree, a modular sofa in any size is a winner for your space. Check out our entire sofa range now.

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