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Bed Sofa: A world-first, bed-first innovation

For years, Koala have been mastering sleep. We started by revolutionising the mattress game, insisting that comfort can be conveniently packed inside a box. Next, we pushed the boundaries of the sofa bed, optimising the living room space. 

But what comes next for our most-awarded mattresses range and Australia’s #1 sofa bed range? How can we climb new heights? Push comfort further than comfort has ever comforted before? How do we re-revolutionise cozy? 

Following years of relentless research, consumer feedback and countless prototypes, Koala are proud to announce our latest innovation, one that elevates the sofa bed sleep experience beyond the treetops. 

Cue the epic soundtrack…

Introducing: BED SOFA


When I think of the bed sofa three words come to mind – innovation, showstopper, extreme-comfort” – Alex, Koala early-adopter

Breaking the science of the bed sofa down, it’s a sleep solution revolution that’s 80% bed, 80% sofa. 

Is that maths not adding up? Good, genius doesn’t always make sense but it does turn your living room into a laying room. Forget everything you think you thought you knew… a bed can be a sofa can be a bed.

What is the Bed Sofa?

From the brains that brought you Australia’s #1 sofa bed range comes its welcoming and snooze-worthy big brother the Bed Sofa. With its elevated form and sleek ultra-wide under storage to keep the room clutter-free; it’s a flawless design for a floorless sleep. 

Designed to maximise every inch of its compact footprint, the Bed Sofa is ideal for living or rumpus rooms, transforming from sit to sleep in seconds. Made with a super-strong steel frame core, and ensuring no clunky bits or other unpleasant surprises, it features stain resistant, premium fabric designed to go the distance.

A light grey sofa bed with an orange and black and white cushions, pink throw and plants in the background
The Stunner Bed Sofa in Limestone

Sitting high off the ground sporting our award-winning double-bed mattress, treat your guests to our newest world-first, bed-first innovation. Small enough that it won’t crowd your space, but large enough to do that big morning stretch; it’s a sleep experience even your fussiest friends and grizzliest guests can’t deny. 

It’s Style. It’s Comfort. It’s Sleep Elevated.

It’s big, impressive buzzwords that will have your in-laws shaking in their boots because there’s nothing to complain about. When they ask where you got it from, just tell them this…

The new Bed Sofa from Koala. 

Sleep elevated.

Learn more about this exciting evolution here. 

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