A child sits and plays on the Koala Stunner sofa bed in a bright lounge room with large rug and bookshelf

Searching for a kids’ sofa bed? Koala has you covered.

The best kids’ sofa bed (that you can pass out on too)

We know. There was no such thing as a comfortable kids’ sofa bed when we were young. It was either the rusty old death trap pull-out at Gran’s or a sleeping bag on the floor.

But today’s kids are privileged. They get a lot of things we never did. Personalised water bottles, fridges in the classroom, kids’ yoga classes, the list goes on.

To ensure their comfiness (and your sanity), we’ve created a simple guide to kid (and adult) friendly sofa beds. We cover what to look for when buying one, the type your family needs and give ourselves a plug with a chat about the Koala range of sofa beds. Let’s get comfy.

Why parents need a sofa bed (and a stiff drink)

As parents, we need just about all the help we can get. And sometimes, it comes in an unexpected form — like a simple sofa bed for the kids. Weighing up whether this is a worthy addition to your home?  Ponder these nuggets as you do.


No fancy guest room? Is the kids’ room too small to cram anything else into it? A sofa bed for kids offers a smart, small-footprint option, perfect for sleeping with minimal space.

Frequency of use

Have regular house guests? Want a special hideaway bed for when you get sick and want to die alone? The best sofa beds offer the ‘ahhh’ factor of the comfiest sofa and the most supportive bed, all in one tidy package.

Kids’ ages

Parents with babies and toddlers might sometimes need to camp out in their rooms. Families with older kids will love the convenience of having an extra bed for when their homes turn into sleepover central. Kids of all ages can benefit from a handy sofa bed.


As a 2-4-1 furniture item, splurging on a sofa bed sometimes costs more. You’re getting a combo of a kid’s lounge chair and bed in one, and they’re big enough for the adults to sleep on too. Still, it’s essential to set a budget and stick to it.

A young woman relaxes with her legs propped up on a Koala Sofa Bed
Our sofa beds come in a range of sizes and all go from sit to sleep in seconds, perfect for kids of every age

Kids’ sofa beds: the must-haves you must have

It’s official: the family’s getting a sofa bed. Wooo! But before you can go shopping around for one of these fancy kids’ lounges, there are certain must-haves you’ll wanna tick off your list.

🧒 Safety. A good sofa bed meets safety standards, is stable and well built, and should be easy to pull out.

🧒 Size. Choose the sofa bed to fit your kids’ size, but keep the adults in mind too. With guests (and possibly you) sleeping on it, you want enough space.

🧒 Material. We want softness. We want durability. And we want it easy to clean. A sofa bed that doesn’t tick all three? No bueno.

🧒 Comfort. Gone are the days of the bony sofa bed. Today we seek optimal comfort and support, especially for our growing kids.

🧒 Design. As cool as it may be for a five-year-old, a racing car sofa bed is not the vibe when you’re 15. Opt for a neutral design that ages with your kids (with fewer hormones).

🧒 Functionality. Sofa beds are so much more than somewhere to sit and sleep. They should be easy to assemble, have a small footprint and take a few seconds to prepare for sleeping.

🧒 Price. Now is not the time to cheap out. While a bargain is always great, a mid-range sofa bed that goes the distance, is safe to use and feels comfy laying on is worth chucking a few gumnuts at.

Koala’s sofa beds for kids of all ages

Sure, we can’t create a time machine to take you back to when you were child-free and full of zest. But we can offer a bloody good sofa bed that makes parenting a little easier. 

The Koala Sofa Bed

The Koala Sofa Bed is our sofa bed staple, more Aussie than a Bunning’s sausage sizzle on a Saturday morning. It pulls out in one movement and is simple enough for teenagers to set up.

The Cushy Sofa Bed

Our beloved, top-rated sofa bed, the Cushy, is super comfy for the whole family. Kids feeling a little fancy? You can upgrade to the boucle edition for an extra treat and watch the latest Bluey in style.

The Stunner Sofa Bed

Need to hide all your kids’ crap and get a comfy bed to sleep on while you’re at it? The Stunner does it all. This sofa bed has an elevated sleep position, integrated storage and a three-step set-up. It’s a no-brainer.

Sofa bed simplicity

The best part about our sofa beds is their compact footprints. These beauties will squeeze into the smallest kids’ rooms or cramped living spaces.

And if your little one is a tad too little for a sofa bed, why not check out our Joey range?

Whether it’s a mattress, toddler bed, kids’ lounge furniture or nursery essentials, we’ve got them in our pouch.

A sofa bed for today’s families

Doing double duty in style, Koala’s sofa beds are fit for any room and family. Check out our range of quality, sustainable and durable furniture for your home, and snag yourself a bit of comfort. You’ve earned it.

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