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How often should I change my mattress?

How often should I change my mattress? Spoiler alert: more often than you think.

It’s said we spend a third of our lives in bed. That’s countless hours snoozing, sprawling and lounging on a mattress.

But as the years of relaxation go by, some pretty undesirable build-up joins you in bed.

How gross is too gross?

We don’t want to frighten you, but it’s pretty likely you are sleeping on kilograms of dead skin and sweat.

And not to mention potentially exposing yourself to all manner of pathogens.

Over eight years, the average person will shed 4.8kg of dead skin in bed. That’s the same weight as a small pup (and we know which one we’d prefer rolling around in bed with.) 

If your four-legged friend does like to join you under the covers, you’re almost doubling the number of skin cells floating around. 

Combined with bodily fluids like sweat, saliva and other stuff (ahem…), that’s enough to fill two bathtubs.

How often should I replace my mattress?

According to the master of all things mattress and Koala Product Manager Stephanie Roberts-Baxter, the answer depends on your warranty. 

“Our mattresses are tested to last the lifetime of the warranty. We recommend they’re replaced every 10 years.”

However if it gets damaged before the 10 year mark, it’s encouraged you replace it sooner.

How can you tell when you need a new mattress?

Like anything, mattresses deteriorate over time and aren’t meant to be kept forever. The mixture of sweat, oil and bacteria eventually seep through your bed sheets. This can leave a mattress cover looking stained and discoloured – even if it’s regularly washed. FYI – Koala mattresses are designed to last beyond their 10-year warranty; but different mattresses will last different amounts of time. 

How can I protect my mattress?

The easiest way to save your mattress from spills and hidden nasties is with a protector. And luckily we have two options to choose from.

The Koala Great Barrier Mattress Protector

This fully encased cover keeps microscopic little monsters out of your bed and discourages dust and pander, as well as dust mites and any allergens they leave behind.

It features a water-resistant barrier to protect your mattress against damage and staining from any accidental spills. And it washes like a dream – you can simply pull the top off (leaving the base behind) so you’re not doing any heavy lifting.

It also comes in a Deep Fit version for mattresses with a height of 30cm or higher like our Soul Mate Mattress.

Ready for an upgrade?

Time for a new mattress? We’ve designed four different mattresses to suit everybody’s needs.

The Koala SE Mattress

All the must-haves of the crowd-fave Koala Mattress, with a few features removed to make this our best-value mattress. Sweet dreams were made of THIS! 

The Koala Mattress

This mattress is made to suit just about every sleeper. It’s not too firm or too soft, and it comes with our legendary Zero Disturbance® Tech and 3 zone support. 

The Calm As Mattress

Prone to a sensitive back, hip, or joints? Our multi-layered 3 zone support helps relieve the pressure. Plus, our COOLMAX® Tech helps keep you cool and dry while you snooze.

The Soul Mate Mattress

With Bamboo Charcoal that helps regulate body temperature, plus 5 Zone Adaptive Foam Springs that contour to your body, we’ve made the Rolls Royce of mattresses for pure unadulterated indulgence.

All Koala mattresses have a flippable comfort layer so you can choose the right firmness for you. They also feature an anti-slip bottom so you’re not moving around while you snooze and have antimicrobial additives to keep away microscopic creepy crawlies. Our mattresses are also tested to ensure they are made without formaldehyde, are low-VOC, and free from nasty chemicals.

Koala Mattresses are the first and only GECA certified mattresses in Australia, meaning all materials meet the highest social, ethical, and environmental standards. Good for you and good for the planet. We like the sound of that! Take our quiz to find out which is your perfect match-ress and thank us later. 

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