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The home office desk: the MVP of WFH

The home office desk: the MVP of WFH

Hybrid working arrangements have flipped our furniture requirements on their heads — a few years ago, we never needed an ergonomic home set-up, but now it looks like WFH is here to stay. So if you’re a WFH worker, it’s important you’re set up for success. 

Thankfully, Koala has created a range of desks that change all that. It’s true — we’re more than mattresses. We also enlisted the help of Australian OH&S expert Dr David McIvor, who has written the Working from Home Safety Handbook, for some insider tips on setting up your home office desk for peak ergonomics and comfort. So, let’s clock in.

What do you want in a home office desk?

There are loads of desks for home office use, but only some features will float your boat. Consider these when selecting the new MVP of your workspace.

👨‍💻The look. Your mum probably told you that looks don’t matter, but they do when it comes to furniture. As your home office’s star attraction, a desk must suit your style and decor. Choose materials, colours and shapes that make you feel happy about being at work.

👨‍💻 The size. A home office desk must be the right size for all your stuff (you included). “Being able to spread your work out is important,” says David. “But so is keeping your elbows comfortably by your side as you use the mouse and keyboard.” And it’s not just about surface area. “Each person has unique requirements for the depth of a desk, depending on their eyesight.” So before you can even choose the right size, get the measuring tape out to see what’s what.

👨‍💻 The functions. Do you like to stand occasionally? Then you might need to investigate a sit-to-stand desk. Need somewhere to manage all your pesky cords? A desk with built-in cable management tray, grooves and slots is what you need. A home office desk needs to meet all your requirements and nothing less.

👨‍💻 The price. Sure, it’s worth spending a little more to get quality furniture. But at the same time, you don’t want to go broke buying a desk. Value for money, quality craftsmanship and socially and environmentally friendly practices are all important (and at Koala, we’re well-loved for delivering all three).

👨‍💻 The sturdiness. An office desk needs to be more stable than your last relationship. No wobbling, no flimsiness and no feeling as though it’s going to collapse underneath you at any given moment.

Setting up a home office desk

As far as Koala is concerned, there are two big ‘ics’ to consider when setting up an office desk for home: aesthetics and ergonomics.

Aesthetics is the nature of beauty and taste. Your desk layout can impact your office atmosphere and maybe even your feelings. So, the better and cleaner it looks, the better you’ll do.

The other ‘ics’ that matters is ergonomics. This practice is all about boosting comfort, productivity and efficiency. And it’s especially crucial when working from home. How you set up a desk in relation to your body can majorly impact how well you work. Mind. Blown.

“Your desk is a personal thing,” says David. “But you should still try to simulate a workstation that meets the same ergonomic criteria as a normal workplace.”

Tips for home office happiness

A good desk is just one part of the equation for setting up a stellar home office. So, if you’re trying to elevate your WFH game, check out these pointers.

Chairing is caring

David believes an ergonomic home office chair is the best jumping-off point. “First, we need a good sitting position. Your feet should be flat on the floor, your back with a natural curve and your chair with an adjustable height.” 

It just so happens we make a couple of stylish office chairs that will keep you supported and comfortable. Our Virtue Office Chair, with its high backrest and loads of padding, is here to support you. While our understated Upright Office Chair is generously padded and fully upholstered, so it looks as good as it feels.

Spruce it up

Your workspace needs to be equal parts business and coolness. Simple touches like a home office rug, a colourful print on the wall or some purifying plants will provide this balance.

Storage matters

Home office storage is the key to organisation and a clutter-free workspace — both major wins in our books. How about a desk with built-in storage if you’re low on space? Your M&Ms and staples will love their new home.

Shine a light

There’s a reason why most office spaces are lit up by fluro tubes — adequate cool lighting is essential for office workers. This is where home offices can fall down. So take a serious look at your lighting. And beware of windows when deciding on a place for your desk — you don’t want the afternoon sun beating in behind your computer screen every day.

So extra

Are you the Mariah Carey of WFH? Do you need footrests, document holders, a ring light and a monogrammed coffee cup just to work? Don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you. In fact, we encourage a bit of diva behaviour in the name of good ergonomics, particularly when it comes to footrests. These babies can help keep you sitting straight, with your spine aligned. If you’ve got yourself a standing desk, consider investing in a fatigue mat to help ease the load on your joints. Just remember, your added extras should never get it the way of good ergonomics.

Take a load off

This is your daily reminder to take your lunch break. Sit outside for your next coffee, or have a little kip — if you think Koala’s desks are comfy, wait till you try our beds, sofas and armchairs. We reckon taking a nap on one of our sofas or mattresses will get you right in no time.

Adjust is a must

David recommends fiddling with your home office set-up once a day to keep things gravy. “Drop your chair down, reset it and adjust it,” he says. “People are afraid to touch the controls of their seats because they think they’ll be ejected into orbit, but your body needs the constant adjustment.”

Leave the table for table-ing

Sure, Koala’s dining tables are topnotch, but we don’t recommend using them as office desks for home. Tables need to be left to do the real work — like holding all of last week’s laundry that still needs folding. For all the brain-heavy tasks, a dedicated desk is what you need.

Say hello to Koala’s home office desks

It’s true — we don’t just do mattresses. We also make desks that are perfect for working from home. And like the rest of our line-up, they’re crafted with FSC-certified wood and the sustainable practices that Koala champions.

Meet our best-selling Workmate Home Office Desk? This one has slide-out storage, built-in cable management and a stronger form than The Rock himself. It’s sturdy and supportive, meaning you can focus on your work without worry.

But what if you’re iffy about shopping online for home office desks? Australia, we’ve got your back. Koala covers our stuff with a risk-free, 120-night trial, so you can see if it’s a good fit for your home. We also offer fast and free delivery so that you can get on your way to feeling like a boss.

And a few last things. Did you know that our desks also come with a five-year warranty? And are ridiculously easy to assemble? These bad boys will be by your side through many hours of work (and procrastination). So, given that Koala’s home office desks are fuss-free, tool-free and hella long-lasting, it’s just too bloody easy.

WFH made easy with Koala

With the right desk, home office vibes will be at an all-time high. And at Koala, we know you’ll be stoked with our selection.

Become a self-appointed employee of the month with Koala’s simple, beautiful and practical home office desks, and see what they can do for your workday.

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