Organic Cotton Duvet Set in Ocean Salt
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Can a new mattress help you heal from heartbreak?

PSA: your bed might be key to helping you heal from heartbreak

Tears, ice cream, a new haircut for the brave of heart? It’s ain’t called heartbreak for nothing. Losing someone you love can not only break your heart but your entire being. When it comes to how to heal from heartbreak, the unsatisfying but honest answer is: time will help the pain pass. Time and a bunch of Tim Tams. 

Everything reminds you of them. And while you can easily throw their shirt and toothbrush out, the smell of them on your bed is a little harder… or is it?

Soul Mate Mattress
Soul Mate Mattress

Remove the memory by removing the memory foam

One of the (many) benefits of being single is the indulgence of having the entire bed to yourself. Celebrate and upgrade to a new mattress… one that doesn’t have them imprinted on it. 

For us, you can’t go past the Soul Mate Mattress. You’re your own soulmate, so own it. This mattress has the exclusive Koala Kloudcell™ comfort layer with an extra-plush quilted cover, and gives you the choice between medium-firm and firm with both sides providing superior comfort and breathability. 

Featuring advanced Sensapole® phase change technology this mattress (also known as “the best mattress in Australia”) will keep you at an optimum sleeping temperature so you will always be always sleeping soundly, regardless of the season or whoever is in your bed. 

Our Calm As Mattress is way more supportive than your ex ever was. The firmest option in our mattress range, the Calm As boasts the same Koala Kloudcell™ as the Soul Mate but has a more supportive touch. 

Breakup broke the bank? We got you. Our Koala SE Mattress has all the good sh*t, minus a few bells and whistles, to give you the best night’s sleep at a wallet-friendly price (and, who knows who else’ll end up in there with ya!).

Organic Cotton Duvet Set in Ocean Salt
Organic Cotton Duvet Set in Ocean Salt

Shed them and their skin cells with silky smooth sheets

Rumour has it that every night ​​about 300,000 dead skin cells are collected in your bed. How long were you with your ex? Yeah, we don’t want to do this math either. It’s time for new sheets. 

Kick off your clean night’s sleep with an Organic Cotton Crinkle Duvet set. Unlike your last situationship, these aren’t your run of the mill sheet sets. These gauzy, dreamy organic cotton doona cover sets come in two colours and are designed to be soft on your skin. 

Fancy a European fling? Ooh la la… the French are synonymous with romance so wrap yourself up in our Le Linen sheets, sourced from flax plants grown in Normandy, France. And like you or a fine wine, these French linen sheet sets are only getting better with age.  

Kirribilli Bed Base
Kirribilli Bed Base

Reclaim your room with a refresh 

Why just stop at a mattress when you can finally have the style you want without compromise. This is the time to invest in you. And perhaps the best bed frame in Australia?

Let’s start with a modern classic. The Kirribilli Bed Base is a contemporary combo of clever and unshakable. Just how you are in this new era of your life. Its compact design has been optimised to give you all the space under the bed back for storage. Plus it’s creak-free with a unique lip detail so your brand-spanking new mattress won’t be moving no matter how much action it cops.  

Want something with a little more cushy? Swipe right on the Paddington Bed Base. Winner of a Good Design Award, this upholstered bed base is total laid back smart luxury. The perfectly-angled upholstered headboard was designed for your lazy mornings, breaky in bed, and late-night reading. We’ve even popped a handy storage shelf behind the bed head for you to stash your spare pillow, phone, and sneaky treats. 

The total package, she’s giving cute, comfy, and independent. 

Healed from heartbreak and ready to shop?

We get it. Getting over an ex and moving on is hard. But with a little love and some shiny new things, you’ll heal from heartbreak and come through it stronger than ever. Squiz our full range of mattresses, bedding, bed bases and way more here. 

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