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Every Koala Mattress lends a helping hand to koalas in need

How buying a Koala mattress helps us, help the world

Australia’s bushfire crisis of 2019/20 needs no introduction. And as the recovery from the catastrophic ecological disaster is still taking place, there’s a team dedicated to ensuring that now and into the future, Australia’s native wildlife have every possible chance of not just surviving but thriving in their natural habitat.

Meet Eli, the rescued koala joey at Ipswich Koala Protection Society

Meet Eli!

The folks over at Ipswich Koala Protection Society are well and truly on the frontline. The crew of carers work tirelessly to provide ongoing care and treatment to orphaned koala joeys including the adorable Eli as well as others like Annie-Sue and Geno. And with our next bushfire season just around the corner, it’s anticipated that many more joeys will be in need of help, so it’s more important than ever that we give these furry friends a helping hand.

Lending a helping hand (or paw)

Conservation costs and to keep our wildlife safe is a big operation that requires a continued and consistent effort. One of the most important resources that the team uses day in day out is their Koala Rescue Vehicle. These vehicles allow the team to access areas they could otherwise simply never cover.

Having these support vehicles on the ground and ready to go means carers are able to respond to emergencies and save animal’s lives. Claire Phillips of the Ipswich Koala Protection Society reveals that the support they receive from partners goes directly to helping animals in need, “It’s made a massive, MASSIVE difference to have fuel money each week for the ambo, and it means we can get out to those rescues, we can feed these kids, we can keep that car out there doing what it needs to do.”

As well as being on the road, the team provides much needed supplies like rescue poles and a mulcher, which allows koalas to continue to recover in their natural habitat. The support that allows these groups to perform such critical and lifesaving work hasn’t always been a given. Maryanne Oliver of the Ipswich Koala Protection Society dwells on tougher times,  “The support from WWF and has been phenomenal. When we got the funding and went in collaboration with those two groups we were very close to folding…” 

Maryanne appreciates that conservation isn’t cheap and if they are to continue their vocation they need outside support. “The funding that has come along to support us has not only helped to make the jobs easier for our carers and rescuers but it’s allowing us to do more for koalas and that’s the purpose of what we do.” 

With every purchase of a Koala Mattress an Aussie icon is supported

In partnership with WWF-Australia, we’re proud as punch to have donated $1.3m to various conservation projects to support our koala, green sea turtles and glossy black cockatoos populations. In turn, we couldn’t support such meaningful organisations and their ambitious missions without you, our customers, and the generous support you provide to koala conservation through the purchase of every Koala Mattress.

It’s with special thanks and great honour that together with WWF-Australia we are all working together to support the care and rescue efforts of our treasured native wildlife. 

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