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Buy a new Koala Mattress, adopt a real koala

Unified in a common goal to protect threatened and endangered wildlife, Koala and WWF-Australia have been protecting biodiversity together since 2017. To date, Koala has donated over $1.9 million to WWF-Australia for the conservation and preservation of wildlife. 

What’s in a name? For Koala, it started off with a mission to help support the most iconic but threatened Aussie icon, the koala, and a partnership with WWF-Australia to make this possible. We pledged that with every sold mattress, a portion would go to our favourite sleepy mates and sustaining their habitats, which includes planting trees and helping sick and injured koalas.

The koala adoption program quickly turned into working on nest cooling solutions for green sea turtles as their future survival is severely impacted  by climate change. During the devastating bushfires of 2019-20, Koala and WWF-Australia were able to provide emergency funding to help the recovery of another animal in need – the glossy black-cockatoo.

With every purchase of a Koala Mattress an Aussie icon is supported

We’re proud to work with WWF-Australia through our “buy one, adopt one” programme to support their conservation efforts for some of the cutest critters in the land. We currently have three programs – “adopt a turtle” (for sofas), “adopt a koala” (for mattresses) and “adopt a glossy black cockatoo” (for sofa beds).      

For many years we have made a commitment to our partners at WWF and our customers that a portion of each sale goes directly to benefiting these amazing conservation efforts. For every mattress, sofa or sofa bed you purchase you will receive a certificate of “adoption” and a donation is made to WWF.

At Koala we believe in reversing environmental trends and leaving the Earth in better condition than we found it. That’s why we partner with organisations like WWF, supporting their work to build better habitats and innovating together to help protect biodiversity. – Mitchell Taylor, Founder of Koala.

We hope to inspire and educate people on the threat to endangered wildlife, such as stopping activities including excessive tree-clearing that puts iconic species and habitats at risk. We are also working with WWF to reduce our own environmental impact, looking at ways to make sure we can thrive as a business by putting sustainability and ethics at the forefront of our business. As our product range grows, so too will the habitats we support.

Learn more about the new Koala Mattress Range.

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