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Designing the brand new Koala Mattress Range | Q&A

In 2015 we released our OG Koala Mattress, and since then we’ve been hard at work to improve every last detail.

We’ve packed years of know-how into our brand-new Koala mattress range and they’re all tied together with intelligent and beautiful design. We sat down with Design Manager (Homewares and Textiles), Alexandra Owen to get a sneak peek into one of the brains behind the brilliance of our stunning new Koala mattress range.

Alexandra, what can you tell us about the new Koala mattress range and its design features? 

New Koala Mattress

The new mattress was an opportunity to bring together a new ‘signature Koala feel’ with a new ‘signature Koala look’.  We’ve focused on enhancing the customer experience by adding special moments throughout the mattress. The quilting pattern is sleepy and calming, with matching infographic labels inside the zipper to allow you to customise your sleep with the flippable comfort layer on each mattress. 

Why did we choose the colours and patterns on the new mattresses? 

Koala Calm As Mattress

We have been enhancing our Koala aesthetic by drawing on the unique land and culture we have here in Australia. We referenced the Australian desert for our quilting design, and chose textures and materials that are tactile and calming. Our colours reflect the Australian landscape, but ultimately we have chosen neutral colours that will live in homes from Sydney to Tokyo and Seoul.

Where did your inspiration for some of these features come from? 

When I started the project, I was looking at Australian land and weather patterns. I started by exploring things like the sun, daylight, wind, storms, calm before and after. Ultimately the final pattern concept came from the movement of the Australian desert and it’s ripples in the sand. The effect of this pattern is calming, quiet, grounding, and balanced. The soft yet textural fabric for the mattress side wall references our dry land and it’s texture. 

When designing a mattress, what are some things you are looking for? 

Whilst we wanted a design that clearly stood out from the pack, we knew this mattress needed to be comfortable and workable in homes across multiple countries. So we focused on some of the things that unite us globally in sleep, e.g. a sense of calm, comfort and tone and textures that enhance relaxation. 

How do the three mattresses differ from one another? 

You can personalise your sleep by choosing between the three mattresses. Want unbelievable support and luxury? Go for the Soul Mate—our most plush quilting pattern and deep-textured and thick sidewall. Want something simple but customisable, go for The New Koala Mattress with a smoother jacquard pattern on top, and a shallower sidewall depth for simplicity. 

How is the design of our new mattress range different from the original mattress? 

Whilst the simplicity of the original has resonated with customers, we needed to focus on delivering a better experience through comfort, performance and design touchpoints. While I miss the cheeky blue that Koala started with, we have since become a global brand in South Korea and Japan. This means offering designs that work across the globe and can sit in many home contexts.

So there’s the long and the short of it! If you have any burning questions about our new Koala mattress range that hasn’t been covered or questions on any other product, have a read through our FAQ page. 

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