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Coffee table decor tips: from boho to Baroque

Coffee table decor tips: from boho to Baroque

Have you ever visited your mate’s house and marvelled at how modern their coffee table was? Did the hipster books and bowl of decorative rocks atop the table make you question all the design choices you’ve ever made? Yeah. As far as adulting goes, trendy coffee table decor is a pretty good sign that someone has got it going on.

The truth is, achieving Pinterest-worthy coffee table decor doesn’t have to be hard or exy. And it can make a big difference to the look and feel of your home. What you need is a little bit of help and some insider tricks, and that’s where Koala comes in.

With some pointers from Bella Vie Interiors principal interior designer Lisa Alward, along with our own impressive Koala-fications, we’re ready to help you sharpen your coffee table styling skills. So if you’re thinking of adding a coffee table to your home, good on ya. Let’s get started with the basics.

The cardinal rules of coffee table styling

Is your home looking less Architectural Digest and more Reader’s Digest? No dramas. With Lisa on board to share her wisdom and a look at what’s trending in coffee table decor ideas, we can change that. Check out these tips to take your coffee table from blah to beaut in no time.

🌻 Choose a theme. Have a squiz around your home and get an idea of the vibe you’re going for. Are you into mid-century modern? Coastal Hamptons? Or more of an anything-goes type? Once you know what you like, it becomes easier to find pieces that work with your existing theme.

🌻 Start with the basics. Select a few coffee table decor basics to get the creative juices flowing. Vases with fresh or faux flowers, small potted plants and trays or bowls filled with thingamajigs are just a few ideas. Lisa says, “If you like the minimalist look, choose a coffee table with drawers or underneath storage so you can keep remotes and stuff out of the way.” Great-looking table with great underneath storage? Hmm, we might know some people who know how to make those.

🌻 Book smart. The easiest way to style a coffee table is with coffee table books. They’re named that for a reason. Not only do they look cool, but they can also be a great talking point when people come over. Stack them up or spread them out for a cool effect. Check out garage sales and op shops for amazing vintage finds at a steal.

🌻 Balance and contrast. Your coffee table needs to be a melting pot of different shapes, sizes, textures and colours. The vibrant green of a plant will contrast with the softness of a light wood coffee table. A bowl made of a woven fabric might offset a shiny metal sculpture. Play around to find a balance you love.

🌻 New styles for every season. Was changing your room pretty much the most exciting thing ever when you were a kid? Same. So don’t use all your good coffee table decorating ideas at once. Collect a few key pieces you love and mix them up every few months to keep things fresh.

🌻 Think outside the box. Modern coffee table decor has no rules. Some might want a coffee table to dining table duo to save money and space. Others might prefer to use unconventional alternatives. “If you’ve got a sturdy ottoman, pop a rectangular or round tray on top,” says Lisa. “Or even a stack of books.” And then you’ve got yourself a unique coffee table. Oh, and FYI, Koala just so happens to make ottomans too.

Coffee table ideas for every shape

Did you know that the shape of your coffee table dictates how it should be styled? Merci us later, now you do. To avoid shape-related design faux pas in the future, these tips will allow you to match your coffee table decor ideas to the shape you have.

Round coffee table

Lisa recommends using the triangle method to style a round coffee table. “Divide the table into a triangle so that there are three points to decorate,” she says. “Start with the largest item as your focal point and then add things that are smaller or a different height to the others.”

Square coffee table

It’s hip to be square, or so we’ve been told. Lisa has some styling tips for square tables. “Start with a rectangular tray,” she suggests. “It breaks things up, provides a great focal point and gives you somewhere to place all the little objects and untidy bits, like remotes.”

Rectangular coffee table

As the stock standard of coffee table designs, styling a rectangle has fewer rules, so go nuts. But those with smaller living spaces, take note. Lisa advises that a rectangular coffee table usually works best in large rooms.

Coffee table decor, including books, plants and cups
Successful coffee table styling involves creating a focal point and adding variety

The lowdown on Koala coffee tables

Short of having the Fab 5 come into your home and sort your life out, Koala is the next best thing to help with coffee table styling. With one of our awesome coffee tables as your base, being stylish is that much easier, and all the cool coffee table decorating ideas you had will be a breeze to pull off.

Koala’s selection of coffee tables includes two choices that give that ‘ahhhhh’ feeling of comfiness and ‘oooooh’ feeling of inherent style that everyone wants in their home.

The Kirribilli Coffee Table is sturdy, spacious and downright sexy. With loads of surface area for all your cool coffee table ideas and a storage shelf below, it keeps clutter at bay. Fancy the Ash timber finish but looking for something a little more wee? The Kirribilli Side Table is the one for you. 

Vibing more of a circular coffee table? No dramas; we’ve got that too. Introducing Koala’s Round Coaster Coffee Table. This bad boy features a curved storage shelf underneath, smooth edges and sturdy legs. Plus, it still has all the sweet features of its rectangular friend. Central Perk, eat your heart out.

Why do coffee with Koala?

Sure, we know a lot about making furniture that is stylish, functional, sustainable and long lasting. But what else do we bring to the proverbial coffee table? Glad you asked.

Our coffee tables have been crafted to the highest environmental and social standards using FSC® certified solid white oak. And we’re proud to give a damn about the planet (just check out our awards and certifications). With Koala, it’s easy to serve Better Homes and Gardens realness in a planet-friendly package.

Are you DIY challenged? You ain’t alone. That’s why Koala furniture is designed for fuss-free, tool-free assembly. Imagine putting your new coffee table together without any swearing. Well, now you can.

And if you’ve been burned by online furniture stores before, let us mend your broken heart. Koala has a 120-night, risk-free trial, so you can test drive your new coffee table and see if it’s worth the hype. Plus, get fast and free delivery around Australia no matter where you are. No more holding your coffee cup in your hand like a chump — you’ve got a table for that now.

Coffee tables worthy of your morning flat white

Koala has coffee tables to make any living space cosy, comfy and pic-worthy. Go on. Check out our range and put your newly earned degree in coffee table decor to good use.

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