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The best pillow for side sleepers

The best pillow for side sleepers

Where you lay your head to rest at night is not something we take lightly.

You probably already know that we’re all about finding you the best mattress. But in this article, we have one mission: pillows. More specifically: pillows for side sleepers.

Because if you’re a shoulder sleeper, we know what it’s like to toss and turn for minutes on end, trying to find the best side. Only to then toss and turn again for another few minutes before ending up on the side you started on.

At Koala, we’re here to help you get comfy. And we’re also here to help you find you the right pillow. So if you’re a doozy of a dozer and prefer sleeping on your side, let’s find you the best side-sleeper pillows and see what sleep and clinical psychologist Andrew Mair has to say along the way.

What makes a great pillow?

The answer to this question could depend on who you ask.

Generally speaking, you want a pillow that supports your head and neck, helps to keep your spine in alignment and gives you a restful night’s sleep. But according to Andrew, your own personal comfort is key.

“When choosing a pillow, whether you prefer it soft, firm or somewhere in the middle, it all really comes down to two things,” he says. “What’s going to make you feel the most comfortable, and what works best with your physical body.

“A bad sleep can be due to any number of factors. But if you go to bed believing you don’t have the right pillow, the anticipation of a bad sleep could be the cause.”

How to choose a pillow for side sleepers

If you spend most of the night on your side, you’ll want a pillow that can support your neck and offer spinal alignment. Pillows made from latex, gel or foam are typically designed to give you medium to firm support, and some can even be adjusted for added comfort.

That’s one of the reasons why people love our Koala Pillow. This beauty is a best seller and was the winner of the Canstar Blue ‘Most Satisfied Customers’ Award in 2021 and 2022. Created with an inner foam and the choice of a softer or firmer side, whatever your sleeping style, you can choose a side that suits you. Side sleepers also love our breathable and super-soft Cloudy Pillow. It really is like sleeping on a cloud.

So if you’ve struggled with the question of how to find the best pillow for side sleepers, these pillows might just do the trick.

The Koala range of pillows are some of the best side-sleeper pillows in Australia
At Koala we are known for our mattresses, but did you know we make some pretty awesome pillows too?

What if I have a sore neck?

Living with a pain in your neck? Sadly, we can’t change your sleeping partner. Zing! But we can recommend a pillow that might help.

“Rubber-type pillows or spring-type pillows have the impact of reducing neck pain and negative daytime symptoms,” says Andrew.

“But then there’s anticipatory anxiety. Somebody anticipates that they’re going to have a poor night’s sleep and then they start to get anxious. And that, of course, creates the emotional and internal physiological conditions that make it harder to sleep.” 

Neck pain can really mess with your sleep and quality of life. But with the right pillow, it’s possible to address a sore neck that gets brought on by poor sleep and compromised sleeping positions.

So, what’s the best pillow for neck pain when you’re a side sleeper?

For side sleepers with neck pain, the Koala Breeze Pillow uses zoned memory foam to give your head and neck extra support while you snooze. It helps to keep your spine aligned, and it also keeps those pesky aches and pains at bay. And, this clever pillow features our specialised memory foam that absorbs heat and then releases it to ensure you’re enjoying the optimal temp for sleep. How cool is that!?

There might not be such a thing as the best pillow in the world. But when it comes to the best pillow for side sleepers, we think we may have hit the jackpot.

Give the side of your head the rest it needs

Many factors go into a great night’s sleep. From beds and mattresses to bedding and linen, whatever your sleep-time needs, we’ve got you covered at Koala.

So if you’re ready to wriggle into bed and wriggle onto the best pillow for side-sleeper folk like yourself, check out our range. Don’t forget you have 120 nights to try after you buy and if the pillow isn’t for you, just send it back for a refund. But we reckon you’ll find a doozy of a Koala pillow.

Okay, so you’re ready to try one of our pillows, but which one is right for you? Jump online and take this super-simple quiz to find out. 

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