One of the best mattresses for heavier people in Australia, this supportive Koala mattress is dressed with cushions in a bright room
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What’s the best mattress for a heavier person? We’ve got the answer.

The best mattress for heavier people 

Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. And those of us with larger frames or heavier bodies can really struggle when it comes to finding a comfortable mattress.

We all know the heavier something is, the more likely it is to sink a little. So when it comes to choosing the best mattress for us, we need something that’s going to support us while we sleep. An unsupportive mattress leads to backache, hip pain and a sore neck, and no one wants that.

Not too firm, not too soft. Like Goldilocks herself, it can feel like an endless game of trial and error.

That’s where we come in. Designed to support you where you need it most, we’ve got the best mattresses for heavier people.

We want you sleeping like a baby and waking up feeling fresh. Every damn day. Sounds good? Let’s get you sorted then.

One of the best mattresses for heavier people in Australia, this supportive Koala mattress is dressed with cushions in a bright room
Never get that sinking feeling again with Koala’s super-supportive and comfy mattress range

What is the best mattress for a heavier person in Australia

Saggy isn’t a word anybody wants to hear (especially in the bedroom). When buying a new mattress, you’ll want one that supports your whole body and doesn’t sag while you sleep. Here’s what you need to know when buying the right mattress…

It’s gotta be super supportive

Stephanie Roberts Baxter, Sleep Business Manager at Koala, gets it.

“Support is really critical for sleepers of all sizes,” she says. “We invest a lot into the design of our comfort layer on our mattresses so that even if you’re heavier, or you’re tossing and turning in the night, you’re getting full support.”

So we need support, but it needs to be in all the right places.

“Your hips are the heaviest part of your body,” continues Stephanie. “When we design our mattresses, we have a softer area around the shoulder and a softer area around the legs. Then we have a firmer area under the hips to provide adequate support.

“It’s important that the heavier parts of your body are supported in a way that they need to be, that you’re not just sinking into the mattress.”

This support means that on a Koala mattress your spine stays aligned, whether you are a side, back or front sleeper.

It’s gotta help you keep your cool

Balmy summer nights are perfect for a few cheeky sundowners, but they’re not so good when it comes to catching some ZZZs. No one likes a sweaty sleeper, and if you find yourself sinking into your mattress, that’s exactly what you’re likely to be.

Temperature and sleep are hot topics at Koala, so we know all about how heavier sleepers are more likely to overheat. Overheating can lead to a rubbish night’s sleep and leave you feeling super groggy.

“Not sinking into your bed is really, really important in terms of body temperature,” says Stephanie. “We know that temperature can really affect people’s sleep, which is why our designs focus on breathability — to help any heat being created in your body to dissipate while you sleep.”

Happy man sitting on his new Koala mattress, which is supportive to suit heavier frames
All Koala mattresses offer support where you need it most

Are Koala mattresses worth it?

Great question — we’re so glad you asked. We take our mattress designs seriously (well, not too seriously). We’re constantly testing products to bring you the most comfortable, supportive and long-lasting mattress we can.

That’s why all of our mattresses have multiple supportive layers designed to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. 

To add even more support, Koala invented Kloudcell, which features in our flippable Comfort layer. Our Kloudcell foam technology means every sleeper, no matter their size, is supported, for years to come. 

All Koala mattresses also boast our Zero Partner Disturbance guarantee, which means if you’re a heavier person, or a tosser and turner (no offence!), you won’t bother your more sedate or lighter partner. So for all those sleepers kept up at night due to a restless bed buddy, we see you! 

We want every Aussie to enjoy a great nights’ sleep, which is why we also have a mattress to suit every budget, because expensive doesn’t always mean best.

Why you should buy your mattress online

Is the thought of going shopping for a new mattress giving you nightmares? Because we know the feeling: there’s nothing more awkward than lying down on a mattress in the middle of a busy store. And really, does that five minutes of lying around in a furniture store really show you what the mattress will be like? We don’t think so.

That’s why we recommend you buy your mattress online. Not only can you take your time putting your mattress to the test with our risk-free 120-night trial, but you can also steer clear of the crowds by having your mattress delivered straight to your door.

And we’re fast! Buy from a mattress store and you could be waiting weeks for your mattress to arrive, but if you buy from us, we have fast and free delivery. Live in a capital city? You could be lying on your new mattress within hours of clicking the ‘add to cart’ button!

Have the best night’s sleep, on us

Side sleepers, front sleepers, hardly-getting-any-sleep sleepers — for everyone that’s struggling to find a mattress that really works, we’ve got you covered. We’ve designed a super-special Koala quiz that takes you through all the most important things when it comes to sleep to help you find the best Koala mattress. Go on, take a squiz. 

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