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Simple ways to get your bedroom winter-ready

Ears at the ready! Here’s all you need to know about winter bedroom styling. 

As the mercury drops, our needs change. We want to feel cosy and warm at home, snuggled up in chunky blankets and sipping on a hot tea. Thankfully, it’s easy to make tweaks to your home decor that crank up the warm and fuzzy factor.

The most important room you’ll want to create a cosy and soothing vibe? The bedroom. It’s your sanctuary and the place you should feel most comfortable. 

Here are a few simple ways to achieve a beautiful winter bedroom, no matter your style of home.

Make friends with colour

White is always a top choice for linens, but it’s also a ‘cool’ colour. In winter, using cool colours can make you feel colder than you actually are and on the flip side, incorporating warmer hues will psychologically heat things up and make your bedroom feel like your own private den.

The simplest way to do that is by changing your sheets and duvet. Don’t be afraid to go for colour – honey, mustard and terracotta tones always work a treat and pair beautifully with earthy options (like our gorgeous Keen As and Eucalyptus Green sheet and duvet sets). And while white will always have its place, think about adding in neutrals with warm undertones to create balance, like biscuit, oat, tan, beige and even dusty rose.

Layer it up

Layering is king for winter bedroom styling as it’s the perfect vehicle to introduce those warming colours along with textures.

First of all, you’ll want to change your duvet over to your winter version – or you can use our all seasons duvet which works a treat year-round – so it’s nice and chunky on the bed. Then pop on your chosen duvet colour (we love the Eucalyptus Green) and work with it as a base for throws and pillows.

Adding multiple throws to the end of your bed is a great way to mix and match colours, textures and fabrics. For example, this coastal bedroom needed warming up and uses a heavier throw in a mustard colour layered underneath a lighter striped, crushed linen throw in a beige and tan colour. The pairing works beautifully with the earthy green of the duvet. 

However, if you live in very cold areas or really want to go all out with winterising your bedroom, choose fabrics like velvets and faux furs to add in the mix. You can also add rugs on the floor for extra snugness.

Pile on the cushions

Piling on pillows and decorative cushions has the same cosying effect as adding texture and layers with throw blankets.

When it comes to choosing what colours to work with, an easy method is to bounce the colours of the throws and pillows off one another for a sense of cohesion. Then you can add in a pop of whatever colour you’d like. Cushions are a great way to weave in colours from other areas of the room, like fun stuff on your bedside tables or walls. 

When it comes to size, it’s always good to have a mix of larger and smaller cushions. Generally, a rectangle (lumbar) or round cushion help the set up feel ‘finished’.

This coastal bedroom ties in the mustard colour of the throw with two Koala Keen As pillowcases. It then uses neutrals for the cushions, but with stripes and tassels for a bit of texture and fun. A dusty rose lumbar decorative cushion brings in the pink from their mug nicely.

Choose the right bed

Padded headboards are comfortable and lovely year round, but you really feel their benefits come wintertime.

Our Paddington Bed Base goes a step further with padding around the entire frame, giving you the added bonus of never smacking your shins again. And while its soft blue colour works great in summer, the padding feels cosier in winter making it a win-win. Looking for a timber bed frame? Our Kirribilli Bed Base and Balmain Bed Base have you sorted. 

Find your light

If you’re using cool, white globes now would be a great time to swap them out of your bedroom. Not only does their blue light frequency disrupt your circadian rhythm and suppress melatonin production, but they feel colder. 

Winter is all about warmth, so pop in some warm white options or better yet, add some candles to your bedside tables. Candles are a sure thing for creating cosy ambience with their soft glow.

Add a touch of personality and life

Your room must be looking pretty schmick right about now, so it’s time for the finishing touches. Plants are a great way to add life into a space, as are dried flowers (which also give you an excuse to buy a cute vase). Mix heights and textures and look for ways to tie together the colours you’ve chosen for your space. 

You should also add in your own personality, whether that’s by quirky accoutrements to your bedside or through artwork. For example, this Central Coast bedroom had a photographic artwork of a pool, which felt a little cold, so it was swapped out for a wall hanging from a local store with softness and dimension.

By switching out a few key items and using colour, layers, texture and personality, you can create a winter bedroom oasis you can’t wait to get home to.

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