What to do with your old pillow

How to dispose of pillows and duvets? Australia, think upcycling instead. 

A cosy pillow is like a comfy companion. In fact, we spend up to a third of our lives leaning on them. And when you’ve made pals with an especially nice pillow (like those from our award-winning pillow range). it can be tough to call it quits, even when the time is right.

But knowing there’s a better way to bid your pillow adieu can make all the difference. There’s no love in sending them to landfill. Instead, there’s a whole range of options you can choose to give your pillow a brand new lease on life. To lend a hand, we’ve put together an ultimate guide on how you can repurpose them without losing a wink of sleep.

But first – are you a little fuzzy on when it’s time to upgrade? We tackled the ins and outs of pillow hygiene so you don’t have to.

Koala pillow with Le Linen sheets in Sunset Sky

Turn them into throw pillows

Let’s get something straight – just because a pillow can no longer support you in the way it wants to, doesn’t mean it has no place in your home. Extend its life by upcycling it into a throw cushion or floor cushion for your living room.

Create a cosy bed for your pets

We’re pretty sure that most pet owners are used to sharing their pillows anyway… So why not count your losses and keep your furry friends covered with a refurbished bed. Whether you cover it with a quilt or get creative with old T-shirts, your pets are bound to love you for it. 

Use them in the garden

While the garden might not be an obvious contender, a repurposed pillow can act as a great knee pad when you’re getting friendly with the weeds. We recommend grabbing some waterproof material to protect it from the elements. It may not be the prettiest but hey, it works!

Turn them into a seating pad

With a little imagination (and a few Youtube tutorials), get a little creative with the scissors and turn your old memory foam pillow into a seating pad, padding for a footstool or even an upholstery cushion insert for that one dining room chair that everyone avoids

Use them as packing materials

Save yourself the headache during a house move by repurposing your pillow into packing material to protect your precious cargo. The memory foam can be carefully cut into smaller pieces to cushion ceramics, glassware, utensils and even mirrors and TVs.

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