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Buying a mattress? | Find out which is the best for you

What is the best mattress for me?

We get it. There are plenty of things you’d rather be doing than buying a mattress. Lying on those plastic-covered beds under fluoro lights while the sales team awkwardly stands around… it’s not fun, but it’s necessary (unless you buy a mattress online of course! But we digress). 

You can’t sleep on the same mattress your whole life, and if you’re buying a new one, you gotta try before you buy, right?

Yes, but not like that.

There are easier ways to choose a mattress. Take this super-quick quiz, and in less than a minute, you’ll know which mattress is right for you.

What mattress do I need?

Your perfect sleeping partner is on the other side of this quiz.


How to choose a mattress

Okay, the quiz was quick, but the science and design behind these mattresses were not.

So, before you pop your new Koala mattress in the cart, let’s look at some things you need to consider when buying a mattress.

Olivia Arezzolo is Australia’s leading sleep expert, and she says the biggest job your mattress has is keeping your spine aligned. Olivia says the best mattresses “promote a neutral spine and support your spinal column”.

But what works for one sleeper doesn’t work for all. So, what is the best mattress for you?

Choose a mattress to suit your body size

“Heavier frames often need a firm mattress because it provides more support,” says Olivia. “Whereas lighter frames can have a softer mattress.” 

Basically, if you’re on the bigger side and your mattress is too soft, you’ll sink in and overheat. And no one wants a sweaty night’s sleep.

Consider the position you sleep in

Which is your favourite position?

😴 “If you’re a side sleeper,” says Olivia, “a responsive foam mattress, such as any of the Koala mattresses, can be beneficial because it provides extra cushioning and relieves your pressure points, but doesn’t let you sink in too far .”

😴 Olivia suggests back sleepers should look into hybrid mattresses, such as Koala’s Soul Mate mattress. “That’s a cross between spring and memory foam. It provides additional support for the body and maximises even weight distribution.”

😴 “Stomach sleepers often sleep best on a firm mattress,” says Olivia, “which may be a hybrid, but it may also be a memory foam. The important thing is that it’s a bit firmer because it promotes a natural, neutral spinal alignment.”

Help your aches and pains

Olivia says if you’ve got injuries, joint pain or skeletal issues, you’ll want to minimise movement. She reckons a responsive foam mattress, such as Koala’s Soul Mate Mattress with Kloudcell, is a good choice. It’s also a good option if you have a partner and don’t want them disturbing you at night.

Check your temperature

So, what’s the best temperature for sleep? Not too hot and not too cold. “If you’re a hot sleeper, it’s really important to have a mattress that you don’t sink into too much,” notes Olivia. Cold sleepers do better with softer beds. 

Stick to your budget

If you are on a tight budget, don’t despair — expensive mattresses aren’t always the best. At Koala, we have mattresses for every budget.

Pregnant woman zipping up a flippable mattress firmness layer after realising she needs a medium-firm mattress to help with her aches and pains.
The mattress you need depends on your body, how you sleep, whether you have aches and pains and your budget.

Four of the best

Now that you know how to choose the right mattress, let’s take a gander at our Koala mattresses (especially because we’ve got a mattress to suit every type of sleeper). Remember, you get 120 nights to see if it truly does match your sleep style. Returns are easy, delivery is free and our 10-year warranty means you have a whole decade before you’ll need to buy a new one.

The Koala SE Mattress

We want everyone to get a great night’s sleep, regardless of their budget. So, we took all the smarts from our award-winning Koala Mattress and took just a few features out. Why, you ask? So we can deliver you our best-value mattress, at a price point that’ll have you smiling in your sleep.

What did we remove, you ask? The biggie was the flippable comfort layer (but the Koala SE Mattress is still super-duper comfy!). Our other mattresses has a flippable Kloudcell comfort layer, which means you can adjust the firmness. Sweet as! 

The Koala Mattress

This bestseller is a crowd favourite. It’s not too firm and not too soft and is made for every kind of sleeper. Featuring TENCEL™ Lyocell fibre, this mattress is super soft and breathable. And down below, the zoned base layer gives you the support you need. 

The base has extra support around the hip area, so you won’t ever get that sinking feeling. This also helps you maintain a healthy sleeping possie — essential for a decent night’s sleep.

The Koala Calm As Mattress

Next up you’re looking at the Koala Calm As Mattress. With its firmer support, this mattress has got your back. Like the New Koala Mattress, it has our flippable Kloudcell comfort layer so you can adjust the firmness. It offers an extra centimetre of quilting, giving you that soft lie-down feel. Soft but firm? How do we do it?! 

If you’re someone who likes to sleep on the edge, the Calm As Mattress’s reinforced edges will keep you in bed. The three-zone support will take the pressure off your joints, while hot sleepers can keep their cool thanks to the COOLMAX® fabric.

The Koala Soul Mate

If you like the finer things in life, the Soul Mate Mattress is for you. This beauty has it all — two centimetres of super-soft quilting is just the beginning. It’s got five zones of support to keep your spine aligned and foam springs that help contour your body. This is the most supportive friend you’ll ever have. 

The bamboo charcoal layer keeps you super cool on hot summer nights while relieving pressure, and edge support keeps you in your place. It’s plushy and sturdy and better than any hotel bed we’ve ever slept in.

We don’t use nasty chemicals in the making of our mattresses and we donate a portion of sales to the WWF, so when you buy from Koala, you help a koala!

Figuring out how to choose a mattress may lead you to choose this lovely Koala Calm As mattress, styled here with tan and pink pillows in a bright bedroom
Figuring out how to choose a mattress doesn’t need to be hard – our quizzes here to help.

Time for bed

Now you’ve got the lowdown on the best mattress for you, what’s next? 

Before you enjoy your first night on a Koala mattress, you’ll have to get rid of your old one. If you live in Sydney and Melbourne, chat to us about our partnership with social enterprise Soft Landing. Here’s a handy guide on how to get rid of a mattress.

Sleep tight!

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