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All you need to know about futon mattresses and more

Everything you need to know about a mattress without springs

When you think about a mattress that’s seen a lot of action, what comes to mind? Keep it clean, people!

Our guess is that most people imagine a spring mattress. It’s what your parents and grandparents most likely had (in fact, spring mattresses have been around for over 100 years, which means they are hardly the latest technology), and they’re still a popular choice for a lot of people today. But are they right for you?

Mattresses have come a long way. There was a time when a sack of straw would’ve done one hell of a job. Thankfully though, we’ve got many more choices these days when it comes to how we decide to bed down.

From spring and futon mattresses to pocket springs and no springs at all, we know a thing or two about the best mattresses out there. So, if you’re asking questions like ‘Can I use a floor mattress for sleeping?’ and ‘Is a foam or spring mattress better?’, then we’ve got you covered.

First up, the futon mattress

Let’s take a quick look at early designs like the futon mattress.

Typically on the firmer side, this mattress traditionally sits on the floor or on wooden slats and can fold up, doubling as a sofa. Super handy for last-minute guests, futons tend to be a less common choice for most Australians, given their firmness and low height.

An old mattress with the springs exposed
Spring mattress like this one rely on 100-year-old technology
A close-up of a pocket spring mattress
Pocket spring mattresses get their name from the individual springs in pockets of fabric

Spring vs pocket spring mattresses

Spring and pocket spring mattresses are what we might describe as traditional mattress designs. There is no doubt that the spring mattresses is still a crowd favourite. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: if you like to share your bed at night, it’s not  the best choice.

This is because whether you’re a wriggler or just sleeping next to one, the biggest complaint about spring mattresses is the transfer of motion.

“All of the spring coils in a spring mattress are connected. So if somebody moves, you get that ripple effect throughout the bed,” says Stephanie Roberts Baxter, Product Manager at Koala.

If you’re looking for less bounce in your sleep or simply want a good night’s rest, try a pocket spring mattress instead.

In the same family as the spring mattress, the pocket spring mattress gets its name from the individual springs that sit within pockets of fabric, which are then sewn together. This creates less transfer of motion and fewer arguments in bed, caused by the late sleepers and midnight wrigglers.

Beautiful Koala mattress without springs in a clean, bright room
Koala Kloudcell mattresses reduce disturbance so even if your partner is a tosser, you’ll enjoy a restful sleep

Foam vs pocket spring mattress

If you’re after something different, another option is a springless mattress — like the ones we make at Koala.

Springless mattresses are typically made from materials such as latex, gel, foam and/or memory foam. We know there are a lot of questions around whether foam mattresses fall short on the comfort scale and whether they’re too hot to sleep on. So, when it comes to a foam vs spring mattress, are foam mattresses any good?

Stephanie has the answer. “Memory foam is often found in springless mattresses, and while it’s a great material for pressure relief, it absolutely can be an issue when it comes to heat.

“You want to be able to move easily while you sleep, and we don’t want people sinking into the memory foam and not being able to get that breathability and movement during the night. So, for that reason, we avoid using memory foam in the comfort layer of our Koala Kloudcell mattresses.”

Koala mattress without springs

Our springless mattresses are designed with multiple layers to give you a supportive and comfortable place to rest your weary head. And at Koala, we love talking about these mattresses and how they feature our zero-disturbance technology. Stephanie gives us the lowdown.

“You might find switching from a spring mattress to a springless foam mattress reduces any disturbance even further. While the pocket spring definitely helps with the tossing and turning, a foam mattress will absorb the movement, ensuring everyone gets a peaceful night’s sleep.”

A glass of red wine sitting on a Koala Kloudcell mattress without springs showing how stable this mattress is
All Koala mattresses also boast our Zero Partner Disturbance guarantee, which you can toss and turn all night and not bother your partner

Can I sleep on a mattress on the floor?

We get asked this a lot and if you’re thinking about chucking your mattress on the floor, think again.

It might look cool and romantic in the movies, but hey, not all of us can have a Hollywood production crew taking care of our interior design.

Having your mattress on the floor isn’t good for you, and it’s not great for your mattress either. It prohibits airflow, and this can lead to mould (yikes) and other forms of damage. So to keep everyone and everything in tip top shape, give your mattress a forever home on the right bed base.

To spring or not to spring

We are big believers in the springless mattress, and we want you to have a taste of the good life in your next chapter of all things beds and mattresses. Because when it comes to how long a mattress lasts, when it comes to Koala, the answer is: a very long time. We have a 10-year warranty on all our mattresses because we know you’ll be sleeping soundly on your Koala for at least the next decade.

That’s why we offer our 120-night trial on our beds and mattresses, which means you can test out all your new products guilt-free. Yep, you heard that right.

Buy your mattress online, trial it for 120 nights, and if you decide it’s not for you, we’ll give you a full refund. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t settle for a spring! Get onto a Koala Kloudcell mattress today!


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