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We asked three influencers for their honest Koala mattress review

If you’re here, you know the makers of Australia’s most-loved mattress (that’s us!) have released a brand spanking new Koala mattress range: the new Koala Mattress, the Koala Calm As and the Koala Soul Mate. 

Years of research, listening, and development have gone into making the dreamiest mattresses for every sleeper (and every budget). The home to over 39,000 5-star reviews we know what it takes to give Aussies a good night’s sleep.

We want to keep sleep simple so we thought of everything, so you don’t have to. It goes without saying that the new mattresses are jam packed with tonnes of tech and beautifully designed but as interesting as all that is, all Aussies need to do is give them a whirl and let the best ever zzz’s be the judge.

We asked three influencers to be our bonafide mattress testers (can you say dream job?) and give these absolute beauties a go. Combining best-in-class comfort, cooling and support to help Aussies nod off at speed, our mattys fuse zonal support with zero disturbance tech to keep dream reels rolling all night long. Each matty comes with a flippable medium-firm KloudcellTM comfort layer so snoozers can nail their sleepy sweet spot.

Tara Milk Tea’s Koala mattress review 

Lifestyle influencer Tara Whiteman (Tara Milk Tea) puts her sleep to the test on the new Koala Soul Mate Mattress. The Sydney-based creative is often seen jet setting around the world delighting her followers with a kaleidoscope of colours on her Instagram feed but knows nothing quite compares to a comfy night’s sleep in your own bed.

Watch her 30-day review below.

Sean Szeps’s Koala mattress review 

Comedian and ‘funniest dad in OZ’, Sean Szeps tests out his sleep on the new Koala Calm As Mattress. A constant crick in his neck, Sean was ready to go straight to the source to try and fix this issue—his mattress.

Watch his 30-day review below.

Geneva Vanderzeil’s Koala mattress review 

Author, stylist and DIY maker Geneva Vanderzeil reviews the new Koala Calm As Mattress. As a mum to a newborn, every minute counts when it comes to falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. 

Watch her 10-day review below.


We like to keep things super simple. Koala’s new mattresses go from box to bedroom quicker than you can sink a cold one. Just unpack and unroll and you’re good to go. Each new mattress comes with a simple, no worries 120-night trial so you can test the benefits before making a final decision. Don’t overthink it, feel.

Fast and flexible delivery makes it easy to buy, easy to try, and easy to return.

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