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Your guide to the best mattress for dust mite allergy in Australia

Searching for the best mattress for dust mite allergies, Australia? Bless you

Single-handedly keeping Zyrtec in business? Finding an epic tissue pile next to your bed each morning? Wearing sunnies to your morning meetings like some sniffly Anna Wintour knock-off? Bless you.

As it turns out, loads of Aussies suffer from allergies (at least one in five of us has an allergic disease). And unsurprisingly, our beds can play a big part.

Being the bedroom experts we are, we know that morning sniffles can be caused by all sorts of things. And if you’ve been wondering how your sleep situation is affecting your allergies, you’re not alone.

We created this nifty guide to allergies and how the right mattress can make a major difference. Plus, Koala’s Bedding Manager Stephanie Roberts-Baxter pops in to share some other mattress-related tips.

What causes allergies?

Sometimes when our bodies encounter certain triggers, they create hypersensitive reactions like hay fever, eczema and hives. And while peanuts, pets and pollen usually top the list of allergens, plenty of other things can set you off — including your bed.

Here are a few common offenders that could be kicking up your sneeze storm.

💤 Cats and dogs. Our furry friends can carry pollen, mites and grass on their fur, which can then attach themselves to our mattresses. If you’re an allergy sufferer, best to keep Banjo off the bed.

💤 Mould, mildew and moisture. High humidity, heavy rainfall and crappy ventilation — you might hate it, but mould and mildew love it. Both can cause serious allergies and other respiratory issues, so check your mattress and have it professionally cleaned if you see any signs of little things (bacteria) conquering big things (bed).

💤 Dust mites and bed bugs. Not to give you the ick, but these little guys are pretty good at spreading quickly and clinging onto your mattress and bedding like furry little ninjas. Plus, they can trigger some pretty big allergies.

So, what to do if your hay fever kicks off every time you hit the hay? We’re glad you asked.

It’s not you, it’s your mattress

Our beds can host a whole bunch of allergy-inducing annoyances, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Stephanie shares these tips on making your mattress less sneezy and more snoozy.

💤 Choose the proper base. Sourcing the best mattress for a dust mite allergy in Australia isn’t the only way to reduce allergies. The base matters as well. “When buying a bed base, make sure it allows enough airflow and ventilation through the mattress,” says Stephanie. “This prevents moisture building up, which can then lead to mould and mildew.”

💤 A (clean) freak in the sheets. Not willing to admit when you last cleaned your mattress or sheets? You may have a problem. “People with allergies should be washing their bed linen regularly to remove the build-up of pollen and stuff that could irritate them,” says Stephanie. Bonus tip: washing needs to be more regular in summer and spring when temps start to heat up.

💤 Use a mattress protector. A clean and dry mattress is best for a healthier sleep. ICYMI (that’s ‘in case you missed it’ for millennials and up): Koala’s Great Barrier Mattress Protector features 100% polyurethane backing to protect your bed from the nasty stuff. “It’s completely encased to protect the mattress from anything burrowing in,” says Stephanie. Winner.

Why good mattresses matter

Does a good mattress improve sleep? You betcha. But maybe not in the way you think.

Sure, you can get the best mattress for cool sleeping, one for spine support and another for luxurious comfort. But an A+ mattress should also create a better sleeping environment.

Koala mattresses feature an antimicrobial treatment on each of their core layers. These prevent the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew, giving your mattress a longer life and you a healthier sleep. Plus, the zoning design gives optimal airflow channels through the mattress’s core, so it stays dry and keeps you cool. Game changer.

A woman crouches down by her Koala bed and smooths out her mattress protector
The best way to reduce allergens is to keep your mattress clean and protect it with a mattress protector

Breaking up with your old mattress

Like any relationship past its prime, reading the signs is the best way to tell your mattress needs to be binned. They’re not as supportive as they used to be, cause watery eyes far too often and no longer give you that ’oooh’ feeling when you lie on top of them.

So, what do you do with that faithful old mattress when it’s time to say hooroo? Recycling programs, donations and giving it away online are just a few options for getting rid of a mattress. Not sure which is best? The state of the bed will probably point you in the right direction.

Making a new match

With the old mattress out of the way, the fun begins. And as an adult, there are few things as exciting in life as getting a new bed. Koala has a simply stellar line-up of mattresses, making the shopping experience even more enjoyable.

💤 The Koala SE Mattress. We want every Aussie to get the best night’s sleep of their lives, every night. So, we took all the genius of our award-winning Koala Mattress, removed just a few bells and whistles to deliver a great mattress at a wallet-friendly price point.

💤 The Koala Mattress. The living legend itself, this mattress is our highest-rated. With a Flippable Comfort Layer, Kloudcell® Foam Technology and antimicrobial protection, it’s a one-size-fits-all for every type of sleeper.

💤 The Koala Soul Mate Mattress. We reserved the most Kloudcell® for our fanciest mattress — the Soul Mate. This takes plush to the next level and features antimicrobial protection for healthier sleep.

💤 The Koala Calm As Mattress. The cool kid on the block, Koala’s Calm As Mattress uses COOLMAX® Tech to keep you cool and dry. And with two support layers, extra Kloudcell® and antimicrobial defence, there’s plenty to brag about.

Still searching for your ultimate love connection? Koala’s designed a mattress quiz that links you to your dream bed. This quiz shows you precisely what you’ll need to feel supported and comfortable on a mattress (without any awkward speed dating).

More snoozy, less sneezy

Say goodbye to your dusty, musty old bed and hello to a brand new Koala. Ditch the ex and explore our range of mattresses to see what a good night’s sleep can do for you.

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