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Soul Mate Slumber Bundle

Includes: 1 x Soul Mate Mattress, 1 x Paddington Bed Base, 1 x Deep Fit Sheet Set, 1 x Duvet Cover Set, 2 x Koala Pillow



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Koala Warranty

The Soul Mate Mattress comes with a 10-year Koala warranty. The Paddington Bed Base comes with a 5-year Koala warranty. The Koala Pillow, Deep Fit Sheet Set and Duvet Set come with a 1-year Koala warranty.

Koala Soul Mate Mattress Double - Hero

The Koala Soul Mate Mattress

A multi-layered 5 zone support means you'll have all the support you need where you need it most. Plus, with foam springs contoured to your body, the New Koala Soul Mate Mattress takes sleep to a whole new level.

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Paddington Bed Base

The Paddington Bed Base is a beauty. Made from recycled plastic bottles and sourced from sustainable timber, put your head back and rest comfortably knowing that you’ve made the right choice for you and the environment.