Your new favourite iso-activity that’s also good for the birds and the bees… the real ones that is.

Creating better habitats for native fauna is more important than ever. The environmental issues we face have never been more visible. Simple things like our travel habits, nutrition, buying behavior, and infrastructure have had a monumentally detrimental impact on the habitats of people and animals all over the world. Our current climate change is happening 20 to 50 times faster than any other climate change events in the history of the Earth.

In partnership with WWF-Australia, Koala have committed to planting and saving 2 billion trees before 2030 in order to take action on climate change and help to recreate wildlife habitats.

Tree planting with WWF-Australia

Now is the time for every one of us to use the spare time we have to take small steps towards building a healthier and happier planet.⁠

A great step in the right direction is building your own pollinator garden! This will help you attract bees, butterflies and birds that all have a positive impact on the environment.

‘Pollinators are important for over 75% of the flowering plants in the world. They are critical for the production of most fruit, nuts, and berries which in turn also become the vital source of the food chain for animals. They are as important as sunlight, soil and water.’
Maya Wyszynski, Maya Sunny Honey 

Being more aware and helping our environment flourish is a critical step to preserving the beauty we live in. Avoiding pesticides and providing a safe environment for our pollinators such as bees are an easy way to take action on climate change.

3 out of 4 bites of your food is thanks to bees

Bees pollinate 70 out of the top 100 crops of food that we as humans eat and they also pollinate 90% of the world’s nutrition. Without bees, all of these foods would die. Epstein calculated that after the extinction of bees it would only take 4 years for humans to become extinct along with them. 

To attract bees, you’ll need to plant native and pollen-rich flowers in your garden that bees absolutely LOVE. These include lime flower, orange blossom, clover, guava, thyme, chestnut, lavender, Manuka and rosemary.

5 tips for creating a pollinated garden

  1. Fill your garden with flowers. Flowers blossom in the months of early Spring to fall.  
  2. Plant Native Australian flowers. They provide food for insects and a source of sector and pollen. Native flowers are very adaptable to your local soil and our environment. 
  3. Avoid insecticide sprays as they will kill insects in your garden.
  4. Offer water. All insects need fresh water to drink and survive. 
  5. Offer a nesting place. Insects actually love a messy yard. Leave patches of bare soil for ground-nesting bees.
Horticulturalist Greg at The Grounds of Alexandria

Fun facts you can impress your friends with at the next (zoom) party:

  • All workers bees are female
  • Bees produce one teaspoon of honey in their lifetime
  • The type of nectar the bees collect with determine the flavour of the honey
  • Bees fly at a speed of 25k per hour and beat their wings 200 times per second
  • Worker bees live for 4-6 weeks
  • Drone bees, which are male, can live for 2- 3 months
  • A queen be is the heart and soul of the colony. She can live for 2-3 years. She can also lay up to 20,000 eggs per day
  • Bees perform a waddle dance to show other worker bees where to fly to collect pollen and nectar.

This article is written in collaboration with Maya Sunny Honey, a 100% raw honey range, handcrafted by Andrew and his hard-working bees from Mudgee. Maya Sunny Honey believes honey should be enjoyed in its purest form, allowing the full benefit of its nutritionality. By working closely with our hives, Andrew is very excited to share his passion and knowledge of bees with everyone. No bees, No Life.

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