Who is the FSC®, what is FSC furniture Australia and what is FSC® Forest week?

We’re all about creating healthy, happy habitats for both humans and animals. That’s why we’re so proud to be a partner with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), in our mission to promote sustainability through positive social and environmental practices.

What is the FSC®?

The FSC® is an international not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to protecting the forests that people and wildlife call home. Acting as the world’s most trusted forest certification scheme, the FSC® encourage sustainability standards surrounding the production of wood and paper-based products, ensuring:

🐨 The protection of animal habitats 

🌸 The maintenance of biodiversity

🌲 Protection of old-growth trees  

🪵 Zero deforestation  

😁 Protecting the rights of indigenous people 

👷 Fair wage and a safe working environment

👨‍👩‍👧 Supporting local communities

A forest and its operations are recognised for upholding these practices through FSC® certification. If a material/product is sourced from a responsibly managed forest, which meets FSC® standards, it can be FSC® certified. At Koala, we know just how important these responsibilities are, and are proud to champion FSC® certification on a number of our products!

TL;DR: FSC® certifies responsible forest management practices worldwide, supporting communities and protecting biodiversity and habitats.

What does FSC® certification mean?

In order for a forest operation to receive FSC® certification, there are ten principles concerning conservation and community rights, which must be deemed acceptable by the organisation.

Fundamentally, these principles involve the protection and maintenance of ecosystems, managed to a strict standard of positive environmental impact. Read: keeping the trees alive!

Additionally, certification signifies a responsibly managed community culture, where the wellbeing of workers and locals is held to a high degree of importance. Who doesn’t love that?

TL;DR: Being FSC® certified ensures that a forest operation is conducted to the highest standard of positive environmental and social impact.

What do the FSC® labels mean?

There are three FSC® labels you might see on products, which signify that they meet FSC® certification standards.

    1. FSC® 100% Label – all of the forest-based materials used in that product were sourced from 100% virgin fibre from FSC® certified forests.
    2. FSC® Recycled Label – all of the forest-based materials used in that product are 100% recycled (both post-consumer and/or pre-consumer reclaimed materials) placing no additional pressure on forests.
    3. FSC® Mix Label – the product is made from a mix of materials from FSC-certified virgin fibre (from FSC-certified forests) controlled sources and/or recycled wood or fibre.

Buying FSC® labelled products supports responsible forest management, and promotes industry practitioners to maintain sustainable standards.

TL;DR: There are 3 different FSC® product labels to demonstrate responsible forestry practices.

Why is all of this important? Why should I care?

What’s great about the FSC® is how they raise standards. The organisation not only encourages the management of nature and wildlife, but promotes workplace equality, safety and fairness. The FSC® opens up new opportunities for local people, in line with their principles of creating economic benefits as an organisation.

The FSC® also combats the global issue of climate change, through the elimination of deforestation, forest degradation and illegal logging. These practices have led the FSC® to partner with and gain support from some of the world’s most respected environmental NGOs, such as Greenpeace and WWF.

So what can you do as a consumer to support the FSC® and their cause? Well, the purchase of FSC® certified products increases the demand for sustainably sourced timber and forest products, safeguarding these forests from the impacts of deforestation.

Additionally, purchasing FSC® certified products creates job opportunities and demand for labour. 

So next time you’re buying any wood or paper based products, keep an eye out for the FSC® label when making your purchasing decision! Any support goes a long way.

TL;DR: Buying FSC® labelled products encourages industry practitioners to adopt FSC® standards, decreasing deforestation and promoting social and economic wellbeing.

So what is FSC® Forest Week? (24 September – 30 September) 

FSC® Forest Week (#FSCForestWeek) is a week-long campaign designed to promote the efforts of the organisation. FSC® license holders (like us!) join forces worldwide to showcase their commitment to sustainable forestry efforts.

So look out for companies celebrating FSC® Forest Week from September 24th – September 30th.

Click here to read up on FSC® Forest Week

Which Koala products are FSC® furniture Australia certified?

Our partnership with the FSC® means a lot to us. Interim CEO of FSC® ANZ, Patricia Fitzsimons, tells us “together, with the support of partnering organisations such as Koala, FSC® helps shift the global forest trend towards sustainable use, conservation, restoration, and respect for all.”

The FSC®-certified Stunner Sofa Bed

We are honoured to bear the FSC® badge of certification on a number of our FSC furniture Australia products at Koala, in our commitment to promoting environmental wellbeing and sustainability. You will find the FSC® certification label on a number of products, including the Balmain Bed BasePaddington Bed Base, Workmate Home Office Desk and Stunner Sofa Bed


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