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There’s now a Koala sofa for everyone with these four game-changing designs

Sofas are never just sofas. They’re where you want to face plant after a long day, snuggle your SO, munch on all of the snacks during a streaming binge, hang with your mates or offer a friend a place to crash. Your Koala sofa is where big conversations and bright ideas happen as often as relaxation and connection do. 

It’s only natural then, that we got to designing new super stylish and ridiculously comfy options for your home. 

Koala’s Modern Sofa: great for growing and going with you

Source: Bon Avenoir

It’s clear that people want two things: options, and to put their feet up. Our answer? The Koala Modern Sofa. It’s not only our first chaise lounge—it’s also our very first modular sofa. If you ask, we deliver. 

Modular sofas are great for adapting with you as you change spaces or grow in numbers throughout life.

“As we expand and grow into our ideal homes it makes sense to have a sofa that can grow with us and fit within our lives as we live them,” says Demetre Tryfiatis, Koala’s Design Manager.

“The modular nature of this sofa gives the freedom to configure it to suit your needs so you can stretch out or curl up with your partner, kids, friends, family and fur-babies.”

But we did more than create a versatile furniture piece – when applying Koala principles to a modular design, we wound up reimagining the tired modular formula altogether.

The modern is soft and cushy with a classic, sturdy silhouette, can be delivered in four hours, and has a quality designer aesthetic without the modular’s usual hefty price tag.

There’s two colours to choose from that go with everything, and the beauty of this style of piece is that even with fixed modulars, you’ll get extra seating capacity and can make use of wasted corners. 

The Compact Sofa: for contemporary apartments

Source: The Neutral Stylist

Speaking of tight spaces, the Compact Sofa is your go-to for contemporary, urban, apartment living, but also fab for granny flats or additions. Read: this is the three-seater that’ll fit in a studio.

It’s designed around the ethos that a small space doesn’t need to lack style or comfort, a philosophy that shouldn’t be rocket science. Yet somehow, finding sofas for compact homes where style is not an afterthought has been tough (until now, obviously).

Sleek and minimal with super soft upholstery, ergonomic comfort and timber feet, the compact sofa comes in a creamy tan and warm-washed charcoal grey. 

The Coastal Sofa: for those who know lounging is serious business

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Source: Brooke Elizabeth Photography

This sofa is inspired by the salty sea spray of Byron Bay. Comfy as sin and easy on the eye, once you’re in, you won’t want to leave your soothing spot. 

“The proportions have been pulled low, deep and wide to ensure that whatever position you sit in is the right position to stretch out and sink in,” says Tryfiatis.

In two quintessentially beachy colours (billabong blue and milk-bar white) and with a beaut matching armchair and ottoman, the Coastal Sofa set practically begs you to get down low and take it slow.

Functionally speaking, all our sofas—which range from 3 to 4.5-seaters—will easily make it to any living room of any home as they’ve been built to navigate tight turns, low doors and narrow stairways. Once inside, you won’t need any tools for assembly or disassembly and you’ll get a 120-night trial and a 5-year warranty. Plus, they’re FSC® and CertiPUR-US certified.

The Cork Sofa: for those who don’t want to trade style for sustainability

Source: Temple Farmhouse Byron Bay

The perfect couch for wine lovers and animal lovers alike, the cork sofa will pave the way for leather alternatives as Aussies look to more sustainable homeware options.

The Cork Sofa features a timeless design with sophisticated finishes and the natural, textural look of the cork material, so you can enjoy the finer things in life without the guilt. Using only animal-free and eco-friendly dyes and coating materials, the Cork Sofa is available in two colourways – Yarra Cork and Jenolan Black – to suit all tastes and spaces.

And the best part? Like all Koala products, all sofas comes with our famous fast and flexible delivery and our risk-free 120-night trial! With every Koala sofa you buy, you also make a symbolic turtle adoption through Koala’s partnership with WWF-Australia.

It’s all a bit of a sofa dream, now with enough options to suit everyone and every home.

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