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Steve Smith stars in Koala’s juiciest ever sponsorship

The JUICY sponsorship details of Steve Smith’s latest #bumfluencer deal may be a gee up, but at Koala we’re bloody serious about our dedication to Aussie buns.

The message from Koala’s Chief Marketing and Technology Officer, Peter Sloterdyk confirmed that the entire company was firmly behind the sponsorship. “It was a bit cheeky but we wanted to use Steve’s bum to stop thumbs. It’s perfect timing as this Easter we’re celebrating our ‘Rest Ya Buns’ sale so all Aussies can hopefully pull up stumps and score some much needed R&R.”

HL: The ins and outs of how the deal went down have surfaced 

The duties involved in the deal become too much for Steve, “I was only a #Bumfluencer for the day but my DMs were absolutely blowing up (I’m honestly flattered) and I simply couldn’t keep up with all the attention so that’s why I made the well rounded decision to step aside.”

Sloterdyk confirmed the sponsorship was a gee up for April Fools Day but also mentioned the stunt has made the team reconsider how they can take advantage of our biggest assets. 

All jokes aside, if you want to keep up to date with all the action give @stevesmithsbum a follow and don’t forget to smash that like button or leave the big fella a comment. 

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