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Signs your sheets need to be replaced

As far as our relationship with our bed sheets go, people are divided into two camps. In the first camp are those who are deeply attached to their sheets and never ever want to let them go. This tends to be the case of the customers we deal with, who are obsessed with their perfect Koala sheet sets.

The second camp consists of folks who can’t wait to get a new set – those new sheet junkies who will have a new set every few months and will rave to you about them every time you’re in their house for a movie night. These guys clearly haven’t heard of us.

Is there a healthy middle between keeping your sheets forever and replacing them every year? (some people don’t even wash their sheets that often, mind you!)

First, some expected bad news for the never-replace camp: No matter how much you love your sheets and how great quality they are, they’re probably not something you’ll be able to pass on to your great-grandchildren along with your familial jewellery and antique furniture. Sigh.

And now for some good news.

Good quality sheets should last you for a long time

Your bedding doesn’t really have a use by date. The good news is, good quality bed sheets will keep looking as new for years. If it is washed regularly and is generally taken good care of, there is no reason to replace them just because your mother-in-law says its time. You still love them, they still feel great – keep them. Do treat yourself to a new set occasionally to add variety to your nightlife but keep the old ones. 

Pictured: Koala All Season Sheets in Keen As

Signs you need to replace your sheets

At some point you will have to replace them though. When is it? Your sheets will tell you. You will see visible signs of wear. For example, fabric may start thinning, yellowing and fading. Your sheets won’t feel as soft as luxurious as they used to feel. If you have just purchased your new Koala sheet set though, rest assured that that time is a long way from now.

How to care for your sheets

Take good care of your sheets and they will return it by serving you for a long time. Wash them in warm or cool cycles. Ideally, you should own 2 or 3 sets of sheets to rotate on a regular basis. Doing so will help you extend the lifespan of each set.

What to do with your old sheets

When it’s time to say goodbye to your old trusty bed sheets, consider some ways to give them a new life. if they’re still in a relatively good condition, you can donate them to a local homeless shelter. If not, save them from the dump by donating them to an animal shelter (many of them use old sheets and towels to line peg cages and to clean up). If neither of these is an option, simply find a local textile recycling facility.


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