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Save The Koala Day

Every day is ‘Save The Koala Day’

One of the most iconic animals in Australia – the koala – is threatened with extinction. It’s only recently been in the news for us, but the plight of the koala has been a topic for organisations like WWF Australia for years. WWF expects the koala to be extinct by 2050. To highlight this WWF started their ‘Koala Museum’ last year – the only possible way kids will be able to see the koala after 2050 if we keep stealing koalas habitats.

4 years ago when Koala founders Mitch and Dany set out to change the mattress and furniture industry, they wanted to do it with a sustainable mindset, taking on the responsibility businesses have towards the environment. What other animal could be a more suitable ambassador for them than one animal that is not only sleeping most of the day but also one that needs a helping hand due to the impact of climate change. 

By adopting a koala with every mattress sold, Koala is supporting three main projects in partnership with WWF that each help to not only sustain the Koalas habitat but to help it thrive.

One of the most important advocates of the Noosa Project is Maya, the detection dog. She seeks out koala scats to identify key locations where koala and vegetation connectivity need to be recovered. This helps to secure the long-term survival of koalas in the UNESCO listed Noosa Biosphere Reserve, one of the only 9 Biosphere Reserves in Australia. It consists of 87,000 hectares of land and numerous waterways within Noosa and extends approximately 3km seawards. Maya is a busy employee for sure.

The South West Sydney Koala Project targets the restoration of critical koala corridors through community engagement and professional revegetation. 3,000 plants in total have been plated at Cook Reserve, Campbelltown, to strengthen the connection for koala populations between Smiths Creek and the large core habitat bushland in Campbelltown’s east. As much as we would like to keep a koala as pets, they belong into the wildlife and not in pools or homes in lack of their own habitat.

The Coffs Harbour Region Koala Corridors Project seeks to protect and restore koala habitat key areas to enhance safe movement by koalas across this landscape. Weed control, bush regeneration, revegetation using koala food trees, community education, events, and installation of informative signage to raise awareness of the threat of off-leash dogs have to the koala’s safety.

Here at Koala HQ, every day is a ‘Save The Koala Day’. But as we love all animals, this is only a small part of the conservation work we do. Read more about how we help habitats thrive here. It’s not only the Koala we have our heart set on helping though – the great sea turtles are also threatened by extinction – so get yourself a Koala sofa and adopt a turtle!


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