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Q&A: Meet the designers behind the Koala Homewares range

Created in-house by our team of dedicated Koalas, we’re pretty darn proud of our new Homewares range

Every single cushion, rug and throw has been made from premium, responsible materials from thousands of years of experience. So whether you’re in the market to upgrade your space with new home decor or are on the lookout for a gift, our classic pieces are designed to last the test of time.

We sat down with Design Director Alexandra Owen and Textiles Designer Erin Haigh to chat all things homewares.

A sneak peek at our Koala Homewares range

How would you describe the Koala homewares collection?

Alexandra Owen: I’d describe the collection as uniquely Australian and uniquely Koala. It’s laid back, inspired by our way of life and has a really sunkissed aesthetic. 

Erin Haigh: This is a collection of cushions, rugs and throws that’s really been designed with Australian homes in mind. We’ve combined fun elements and sustainably-focused materials to create a range that’s cosy, comforting, and easy on the Planet. 

How does it feel to see your designs come to life?

EH: It’s amazing. There’s no words to describe how it feels to see this collection all come together. Everyone at Koala, in the wider team, has put their heart and soul into this range and you really can see it.  

AO: It’s kind of been a little start up within Koala. We’ve just had so much passion from the team to create this. We couldn’t have done it without any of their incredible commitment and collaboration to get this to the customer.

What are some things that people might not know about these products?

AO: I think people won’t realise that everything in this collection is completely designed from scratch. Every colour, every pattern, every material – that’s all done in-house at Koala. 

It’s also incredibly light on the planet, and I think incredibly accessible.

EH: I think people would be surprised at how we’ve used premium and responsible materials.

Our cushions are made from organic cotton and linen, and the cushion inner is stuffed using a recycled siliconized microfiber fill which replicates the feel of feathers without harming any animals in the making.

Both our Beauty Bottler Rug and Bottlebrush Rug are made using 100% rPet yarn from recycled bottles, and all the wool we use is RWS Certified ethically farmed from New Zealand.

How does Koala approach sustainable design? 

AO: One of the amazing things about Koala is that we factor in sustainability from the beginning. There’s nothing that isn’t approached in a way around our material philosophy, the way we source things, our impact or end of life. So, we really do think about our sustainable principles from the beginning of the process. 

How durable is this collection?

AO: The rugs are incredibly durable and we’ve tested them in homes with families, pets, food and wine. They are actually really easy to clean and they will last a long time if you care for them.

EH: The durability of our cushions and our throws were also at the forefront when we were designing them. They’re all machine washable so they’re really made for that lived-in family lifestyle.

What is the role of cushions, throws and rugs in the home?

AO: The role of any homewares is to make a house feel like a home. Without these things that we have around us, you would be in a gallery, essentially. And nobody wants to live in a gallery!

EH: Cushions, rugs and throws are a great way to add personality to a space. You can mix and match and change things around with how you’re feeling. They add warmth, love, a bit of fun and playfulness as well.

Do you have a favourite piece in this collection?

AO: It’s hard to choose, but I do love the Sand Dune Cushion. It’s a beautiful jacquard made by incredible craftsmen in India, and inspired by our coastal landscape. 

EH: I love our Wool Rug Collection. The Shear Beauty Rug is hand-braided and specially dyed. It’s really technically beautiful and premium.


Shop the new Koala Homewares range and pre-order your very own slice of Australian design today.

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