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Mardi Gras: What does it mean to be comfy in your own skin?

Helping people thrive and be comfortable wherever they are, in life or at home, is what Koala is all about. 

Being your true self isn’t easy, and for many in our LGBTQIA+ community, it’s a struggle that’s all too familiar.

So to celebrate Mardi Gras this year, we asked Australia a very important question:

What does it mean to be comfortable in your own skin?

The response has been both immediate and immense.

For Australian singer, Jack Vidgen (best known for winning the fifth season of Australia’s Got Talent), being comfy in your own skin is about freedom. 

“The freedom to just be ourselves. To dress and act the way we want to and to feel confident in doing so. We are all a work in progress. It is really nice to be in a place where I can be openly myself and be gay and proud and be really happy with that.

Jack’s first Mardi Gras experience actually impacted him and his sense of self long  before he came out. He also shared that he had a beautiful experience coming out, but acknowledges the many that battle with shame and self-acceptance. 

“It’s super important for me to feel comfortable in my skin. This is something that I, like a lot of people in the entertainment industry, struggle with and it’s an ongoing struggle. But it’s incredibly important to be able to feel comfortable in order to be your most authentic self as a person and as an artist.”

And the responses haven’t stopped at Jack’s.  

‘Not letting unattainable standards get to you. You’ll always be too fat, too thin, too masc, or too femme, so it’s best to just do you. – Ella 

‘Growing up I was fine with other people being gay, but I was never going to accept myself for being that way — not a chance! As I got older, I learned as great as it was that I treated others with respect, it was just as important that I respected myself, and eventually I did. Now I’m happy in my own skin.’ – Rob

‘It means not biting my tongue, squeezing into clothes that don’t fit me, worrying if my jokes won’t land, or caring if I look bad in a photograph. When I feel truly comfortable in my skin, I know I’m with my people. – Anonymous 

This Mardi Gras, Koala will proudly join the parade with a spectacle that champions the LGBTQIA+ community and the stories many of it’s members have shared with us. 

It’s our belief that no matter what day of the year it is, every Australian should feel comfortable in their own skin.

Watch the parade Saturday March 6th to see Koala strut its stuff for Mardi Gras. You’re in for a show.

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