A father and child read a book and laugh on one of the best living room couches in Australia, the Koala Getaway sofa
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Koala’s guide to sofas: more than just living room couches

Koala’s guide to sofas: more than just living room couches

Sofas. Lounges. Living room couches. Whatever you want to call them, these rigs hold a special place in Aussie homes. And here at Koala, we know a thing or two about getting them right.

What’s that? You thought Koala only made those stellar mattresses you hear everyone raving about? Wrong (but thanks for the plug). We also make an awesome line-up of sofas and stuff for your home. So, if you’re shopping for a brand-new island of cosiness, let us guide the way.

What makes a good sofa great?

The beauty of buying a new couch or sofa is having free rein to pick what you want. The downside? You have to use that noggin of yours to think about what you actually need from a sofa. But using a little bit of brain power now will pay off later when you’re enjoying your schmicko new sofa and bingeing all 700 series spin-offs of Drag Race.

So, what does someone in the market for a sofa need to know?

One size does not fit all

Centimetres matter when buying a new sofa. It has to be big enough to fit everyone comfortably and well-proportioned to work in the chosen space. But before you start doing dimensions, Koala’s Product Designer Adam Harrigan recommends having a good look at your set-up.

“Think about not just how big the sofa will be in the room but how much space you need around it to interact.” Lounge room dance parties? Minimalist vibe? Has the cast of Toy Story taken up permanent residence on your floor? Factor all these in.

Redeeming features

A sofa ain’t just a sofa these days. Today’s sofas for living rooms can deliver the poor man’s IMAX experience at home with gadgets like cup holders and phone chargers. If that doesn’t cut it, you can opt for in-built storage and sofa bed set-ups that add more convenience than the local corner store.

Material world

What’s the most comfortable couch fabric? Which one will protect against stains? How squishy are the couch cushions? You get to consider all these exhilarating questions and more when you’re a grown-up choosing a new couch.

Colour me happy

Deciding on the colour of your new sofa is a topic more divisive than pineapple on pizza (we’re all for it, BTW). Some like to keep it neutral, and others want to go all out. Let your home decor and personal style guide you towards the best shade.

The shape of things to come

Chairs for the living room and sofas come in all shapes and sizes to suit everybody and every home. There are chaises, classic couches, modular designs and even complete living room sofa set-ups. But, at the end of the day, the best shape is the one that fits your space and comfort needs, so be sure to get a sofa that does it for you.

A man relaxes reading the newspaper on a comfortable Koala sofa in his living room sofa set-up
With no-tools assembly, you’ll be reclining on your new Koala Modern Sofa with Chaise in no time

The 411 on Koala sofas

Does the gang at Koala know a thing or two about living room couches? We sure do, so that’s a bingo! We’re so in the know that you might even call us sofa scientists. And our resident Design Manager, Adam, shares his thoughts on why.

“Our customers design the products with us,” he says. “We aren’t just designing stuff for ourselves: we’re designing it for our growing customer base. So the feedback we get from them forms the heart of our business.”

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of Koala’s coolest sofa features.

🐨 Spill-proof. Our spill-proof fabric is perfect for kids and adults alike. Created with recycled and stain-resistant fibres, Koala’s sofas are perfect for the reality of everyday life.

🐨 Storage-savvy. Sofas aren’t just great places to sit; they can also hide secrets. Used tissues, random cutlery and small plastic thingamajigs from your kids’ toys can now take pride of place in your couch’s storage drawers rather than underneath it.

🐨 Seriously sturdy. Need more cushion for the pushin’? Koala sofas have gnarly weight-bearing capacities to fit the whole family (or just you and your beloved snacks). These babies are Tom-Cruise-certified sturdy and comfy AF.

The Koala range of affordable furniture includes sofas for living rooms, offices and all other set-ups. Our award-winning Modern Sofa with Chaise has so much space for activities. And with our no-tools assembly, you’ll be snuggling with the family on this stunner in no time.

Or you can check out Koala’s best-selling Getaway Sofa with its oversized covers and soft microfibre fill. Made from responsibly sourced timber and CertiPUR-US® polyurethane foam, you can feel good about reclining on the Getaway. Chef’s kiss.

Designed for tight space, the Compact Sofa is also easy on the eye and the body. With ergonomic support and a classic silhouette this little beauty punches well above its weight

ICYMI: we also make the best sofa beds (if we do say so ourselves). With options like the Cushy Sofa Bed and Stunner Sofa Bed, you can go from sit to sleep faster than dad after Christmas lunch.

But, buying a sofa online?

Go on, admit it. We’ve all got a story about a dodgy online purchase we’d rather forget. Like that poor person who scored an absolute bargain on some swish wooden furniture for her baby’s nursery only to realise when it came that it was for a dollhouse. We won’t name names but you know who you are.

Koala’s Design Manager Adam advises how to avoid these types of dramas.

“Buying online means a little more work because you can’t see the product in person,” he says. “You need to understand your space better to know what you’re looking for. Dimension size is critical, but so is thinking about how you’ll use the sofa.”

To ease your mind even more, Koala offers a risk-free, 120-night trial. You can get your sofa, set it up and let your royal bum-ness decide if it’s worth sitting on. And if it’s not? We’ll organise a full product refund. No worries.

How about fast and free delivery of our living room couches and other furniture? This speedy service (same or next day delivery for metro areas) means once you’ve cleared the checkout you’ll be living the best and laziest version of yourself sooner than you can say, ‘super sweet sofa fort’.

A woman relaxes on a Koala sofa, one of the best sofas for a living room
Koala’s Compact Sofa is super comfy and perfect for smaller spaces

What else has Koala got for me?

Those who prefer their comfort a little less couch-y or want a cool sidekick to match their sofa might like the Koala armchair range.

“A great armchair is something very specific to that person’s needs,” says Adam. So whether you’re reading a book on our Quiet Time Armchair or praying to 50 different gods that your baby falls asleep while sitting on the High Back Armchair, there’s something for everyone.

Are you after more than just living room couches and armchairs? We can do that too. Koala makes beds, mattresses, desks, tables, chairs, sheets and even homewares. And all with the quality, cosiness and commitment to sustainability that we’re proud to be known for.

Doing our part for the planet

At Koala, we’re pretty keen on the planet. We’re committed to sustainable practices, our furniture is timeless and designed to last, and we’ve got more environmental certifications than you can poke a stick at. We’re pretty confident you like taking care of the planet too. So what’s the best thing you can do once you’ve unboxed your brand-new Koala sofa? Adam has some pointers so you can recycle and repurpose the packaging properly.

“Dispose of the waste mindfully and use the right bins,” he says. Koala’s products are shipped in 100% recyclable packaging with no wax or plastic coatings, so this part is a breeze. “Take the time to break the box down, making the recycling process easier.”

And if you’d rather reuse than recycle, that’s OK in our books. What about an extra box for your next house move? A makeshift kid’s cubby house? A new fortress for your pets? (Tell your cat we said pspspsps.)

Sofa, so good

Sure, buying a new sofa isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But here at Koala, we want to change that. With a bloody awesome selection of sofas, a risk-free online experience and a stack of insider knowledge, Koala makes sofa shopping a breeze.

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