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Just Do You: 3 Benefits of Living Inside Your Comfort Zone

Just Do You

Someone once said everything you’ve ever wanted is just one step outside your comfort zone. And to that we say, nahhhh. We’d rather get comfy. 

We’re absolutely chuffed to announce our new campaign with ultimate zaddy Luke Cook! Because we say today and every day is the day to live INSIDE your comfort zone and just do YOU. 

Life’s been pretty weird as of late. We won’t even mention the dreaded C-word but what we will say is that we’ve had a year to look at things differently: from ourselves, to our priorities, what matters, and perhaps most importantly, what makes us comfortable. 

And if you’re anything like us, you’ve never before spent so much time where you live contemplating the four walls you call home. People often say do what you love but we say live where you love. So this campaign is all about the benefits of living inside your comfort zone.

Just do you: benefit 1

The CBF factor

You don’t have to change into going-out clothes, drive anywhere or brush your hair (or teeth for that matter).

Taking WFH calls from your comfy mattress or sofa in your undies at home? Mate, that’s the definition of just do you.

Just do you: benefit 2

Get weird

It’s called the comfort zone because it’s where YOU can just be yourself. No judgy eyes, no one to care if you’ve lived in the same pjs three days in a row now. So whether that’s dancing on your Koala mattress or singing Karaoke in the shower to your cat, we reckon you can get as weird as ya want and just do you.

Just do you: benefit 3

Freedom to focus

We’re one of the busiest generations. With constant distractions, heavy workloads, a smattering of advertisers telling us what to do (or not to do), we’ve been under a lot of pressure! 

The last year has shown us that it’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to take time for ourselves. Basically, it’s okay to just do you. 

So sleep in, cuddle your pup, call mum, hug dad, and never forget: life inside your comfort zone is pretty great because life’s short. Do what mattress.

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