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How we designed the perfect WFH desk

Kitchen bench tops. Dining tables. Bed trays. 

Many of us have used these different surfaces as our makeshift home offices this year. 

The restrictions have enabled around 88% of Australians to work from home compared to previously only 15% of full time employees. But with many Australian homes not being equipped with all the right working spaces to enable maximum productivity, we sought to design something that suits everyone from a suddenly remote worker to kids with their art supplies. Introducing, The WFH Desk!

Easy to assemble

Convenience is one of the core pillars to designing any Koala product. It has to be easy to deliver, and easy to assemble or disassemble when you have to move into a different room since your partner is also starting a Zoom meeting.

The Koala WFH desk can be built in just 4 minutes without any screws, or tools needed except for your capable set of hands.

Plenty of space (without the germs)

The WFH desk comes in two sizes: one for adults, and one for kids!

It is made of a high quality birch veneer with a large worktop so you have plenty of space. The worktop has been treated with an antibacterial agent, and a UV stable powder coat finish that is free of any VOCs so it’s safe for anyone to use.

Plenty of features

We’ve combed through hundreds of customer requests, done plenty of research, and user testing to find the features that will help you become more productive, and not compromise on space. 

The worktop is large to fit a desktop, and a laptop comfortably.

There are “gutters” across the head of the worktop to support your phone or tablet in an upright position for optimal viewability of the screen.

Storage hooks underneath the table allow you quick access to your bag, headphones, or cables.

And cable management at the rear of the worktop means no messy or tangled cables to sift through!

Made by Aussies, for Aussies

The Koala WFH was designed in-house by Koala’s design team who knew a mate of a mate who knew a bloke who could put it all together.

We went to Ballarat, and bobs your uncle – say g’day to the WFH Desk.

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