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How we designed the Koala Bookshelves

You can choose what takes pride of place around your home with Koala’s bold open shelving. Available in 3 sizes – Tall & Wide, Tall & Narrow, Short & Wide.

There’s plenty of hidden space for storing the clutter – your life is laid out how you want it.

Why did we design bookshelves?

We wanted decorating your home to be as easy, and most versatile as possible.

Inspired by the success of the no tools, no fixings that our current bed base has, we wanted to see if a cabinet could be designed in a similar way. We knew that the clean lines that come from this style of design would complement the bookshelf design.

It provides functional storage that is simple to put together and can move with you. Unless you’re Marie Kondo we all have things that don’t bring us joy but we need for everyday life or just hang onto because it was your great, great grandma’s.

Which bookshelf is for you?

What people put on display is so personal we wanted to make sure we had enough options to make them unique.

If you have heaps of stuff that needs a home, the Tall and Wide is the bookcase for you, if you have a small nook or corner the Tall and Narrow is your best bet. Looking for somewhere funky for your record player or have an empty space under a window? The Short and Wide your perfect match. 

Where is the wood sourced?

The timber is grown in Europe (specifically France, Portugal and Spain), in sustainably managed forests that are PEFC certified. We used the best materials for this project from the most sustainable sources that we could find. We searched the globe and found this in Europe, ever looked into a European holiday? It’s not cheap but it is amazing, and our bookcases are the same.

What are the colour options available?

The Koala Bookshelves are made of eucalyptus, and have not been treated with any varnish or colouring. The beauty of eucalyptus lies in its natural variations. Like a fingerprint or a snowflake, no piece of eucalyptus is the same, so no 2 Koala bookshelves will be the same, giving you a bespoke piece of furniture, without the bespoke price tag.

How it is protected against moisture?

The bookshelves all have a water based, water resistant coating applied that will protect the bookshelves from moisture.

Has it been tested for chemicals?

The bookshelves do not contain any harmful chemicals. We have had the bookshelves test to ISO 16000-3:2011 and passed with flying colours so they have low VOC levels so they do not negatively impact the indoor air quality of your home.

Why are the sliding panels white?

We looked at a few options during the design process, and even considered keeping them the natural colour. However, we liked the intent in having the bookshelves white. We are all for stylish pieces but most importantly having white provides good longevity for the product. The colour of the items that are put on the bookshelf will further add to the overall look, and feel.

How much weight can the bookshelves handle?

Each shelf can individually hold 30kg, that’s a lot of photo frames or handbags.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Koala’s Timber Bookshelves now!

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