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How to Style Your Apartment On a Budget

If you’re reading this and have either made the leap into the housing market as a first-home buyer, or are an established buyer either downsizing or moving on, congratulations! Apartment living in Australia is a changing movement, with more and more developers, architects and builders looking to create better housing for all. 

So, you’ve purchased an apartment and move-in day is looming. Among a million things, one of the biggest considerations will be styling your apartment – and preferably on a budget.

Here are ways that you can easily style an apartment without breaking the bank.

Consider the focal points

When styling your apartment, it’s imperative to buy smart when deciding on focal features, such as the dining table, the sofa, the living room rug, and of course, the bed.

A visit to Koala will aid your bedroom needs, with fantastic and affordable bundle options available. 

For example, the Koala Dream Bundle features a Queen or King mattress and a timber bed base for $1,650. 

Think about how these items feed into each other. And although they set the theme for your apartment space, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on getting it right.

Tricks of the trade

Elevating your space can be easily (and affordably) done with a little attention to detail. Walls are a great place to start, as decorating them with budget-friendly art is not only easy but a stylish point of difference, also.

Mirrors are also a great go-to for those on a budget but who are looking to enhance a space. Mirrors can make small spaces look larger and dark spaces look brighter, and can be inexpensive to purchase,


Accessorising a space is pivotal, but as mentioned in our next point, it’s important not to go overboard. Throwing some colour into your apartment is always a good thing, and can be done effectively through throw pillows, pottery, photo frames, and coffee books or magazines.

Houseplants are also a trending item that are cheap, look great and don’t take hours to upkeep.

Less is more

A minimal, clutterless space – especially in a one or two-bedroom apartment – will do wonders for your space. Not only that, but this notion won’t see you spending unnecessary dollars on things that will only cramp your space.

If you’re already in an apartment space, consider decluttering. It’s a simple yet effective solution.

Bernice Averion is a Growth Marketer, Influencer Marketing Specialist, and lifestyle blogger. | Instagram @bunnybernice | Blog

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